What Are Eyebrow Extensions?

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Eyebrow extensions are used by women for greater control over the appearance of their eyebrows. These extensions are similar to eyelash extensions and consist of synthetic hairs, which are applied next to the real eyebrows in order to give them the appropriate shape, length, curl, and thickness. For women who believe that their eyebrows are too short or otherwise unappealing in appearance, eyebrow modifications are a common solution to adjust their appearance into something more pleasing.

All people have a unique set of genetic features, including eyebrows. Even on a single individual, however, each eyebrow is almost always different from the other. Finding two people with identical eyebrows would be even less likely. Eyebrow extensions allow the user to create a symmetrical look if desired, pulling the eyebrows into line with the other facial features.

There are a wide range of eyebrow extensions to choose from. Both semi-permanent and permanent extensions are available and can be worn during sleep and, with some brands, while swimming, showering, or engaging in other activities involving water. Semi-permanent extensions often last up to two months, depending on the individual’s rate of hair growth. Most extensions for eyebrows require a trained stylist to apply them safely, in addition to regular maintenance.


Eyebrow extensions vary in thickness, hair type, and adhesive quality. Most salons that offer professional extensions include full treatment and maintenance services. One should take the time to carefully choose the eyebrow shape and style before the extension procedure begins. It is often recommended that this choice be made with the help of a stylist, as he or she can provide professional information and advice about the best eyebrow extensions based on the user's physical features.

Safety precautions should not be neglected, as many harmful chemicals may be part of the adhesive substances used in this cosmetic procedure, especially for semi-permanent extensions. Chemicals that might be harmful if they came in direct contact with the eye may also be present in permanent eyebrow dye. Special procedures are generally not required in order to remove semi-permanent eyebrow extensions, as they will fall off as the individual’s hair grows.

Removal of a permanent eyebrow implant must be done by a stylist, in a safe and sterile environment. Before the procedure, the stylist must ensure that no makeup surrounds the eyebrow area and that the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and appropriately prepared. If adequate preparations are not made beforehand, there is a risk of infection or other reactions that might harm the skin.


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Post 4

Does anyone know of any UK suppliers?

Post 3

Eyebrow extensions are fantastic. My sister is a cancer survivor and she lost all of her hair during chemotherapy. Her eyebrows grew back, but much thinner than before and with bald patches. She was devastated but now she looks great thanks to eyebrow extensions.

Post 2

@turquoise-- You are lucky that you don't need eyebrow extensions but some people do.

I have very thin and sparse eyebrows and I have to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil every morning. It works but it doesn't look very natural. I had eyebrow extensions done last month and they're great. They look like real hair and no one can tell that I have extensions. I had it done at a nice salon that also does eyelash extensions. They said that it would last me a month but it's been more than a month now and they still look good.

Post 1

I can't believe that there is something called eyebrow extensions. I have very thick eyebrows and I have to trim and pluck them regularly to prevent them from turning into a bush. I thought that most people have a hard time getting rid of them, not growing them.

Plus, there are so many eyebrow products on the market now to make eyebrows look thicker. There are colored eyebrow gels, pencils and powders. Are eyebrow extensions really necessary?

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