What are Extra Wide Slippers?

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Some slippers are precisely sized, while others come in size ranges suitable for many people but not for all. Slippers that are too narrow can bind and constrict feet, and may not feel particularly comfortable. A few people are cautioned to find extra wide slippers if they have conditions like diabetes or if they suffer from swelling of the feet due to water retention (edema).

Extra wide slippers are essentially slippers made in a variety of styles that have a wider foot bed and larger areas that cover the foot to accommodate the wider foot. Some of the various styles available may have tops that can adjust if the feet swell. Bootie types available might have Velcro on the ankle that can be reattached as needed if ankles are swollen.

It can be a little harder to find extra wide slippers. For women, one solution is to look at slippers made for men. Some of these will be wide enough to accommodate a slightly wider foot. In US sizes, women should look for a men’s size about 1.5 to 2 sizes less than they would wear in a women’s size, though this still may not be wide enough. A woman who wears a size 10 might be able to find a wider men’s slipper in a size 8 to 8.5.


This suggestion doesn’t always work, and moreover many men’s slippers aren’t as pretty as those offered to women. For men, the issue of finding extra wide slippers isn’t solved by buying a men’s size either. Fortunately there are other alternatives when finding comfy slippers for women that are more accommodating to the wider foot and more generally attractive than men’s slippers. Men can also find greater size range by looking in a few specific places.

In local communities, people may want to check out shoe stores that specialize in carrying a greater range of sizes. Stores that cater to big and tall men and full-figured women can also sell a few extra wide slippers. Some larger department stores can have a pair or two on hand also.

However, the greatest variety for extra wide slippers is usually found by searching the Internet. There, people will be able to find shoe stores that carry extra wide styles and some companies that solely specialize in producing slippers for the wider foot. Price range can vary. Very fancy moccasin style slippers with leather are likely to cost quite a bit, but shoppers can also find simple styles for less than $20 US Dollars (USD).

There is one type slipper that most people who have difficulty with feet or ankle swelling should avoid. This is the slipper sock. Though the sock may stretch over the wider foot, it can bind around the ankles and cut off circulation. There may be companies that make wide ankle varieties of this type of slipper, but the average type purchased at a store lacks this feature. Instead, it’s better to find a comfy slipper style online or in stores that specialize in wide widths.


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Post 3

I love how many more options there are for people with wide feet today. I adore slippers, but in the past I felt like I had to sort through a million pairs before I could find a pair that actually looked decent but was still appropriately wide.

Now, I have just a regularly wide foot, so I had it a little bit easier. One of my friends actually had to buy extra wide slippers for men just to find a pair that would fit, which was not only frustrating for her, but also a little embarrassing.

But now with so many online stores selling wide width shoes, it's so much easier to find slippers that fit. Instead of

having to wear my poor slippers or moccasins to the bone before I got a new pair, now I can actually buy new slippers whenever I need them. Definitely an excellent improvement in the shoe industry in general -- let's hope the trend continues!
Post 2

Although it is relatively easy to find extra wide slippers if you're looking for fluffy slippers or things like that, it can be harder if you are trying to find specific novelty slippers or the older style shearling slippers.

Unfortunately -- and this is the case with many wider shoes -- many of the designs for wider feet are really not very flattering, and you can get stuck with an orthopedic looking slipper if you're not careful.

As someone who has to buy extra wide mens slippers for her husband, I would really recommend trying them on beforehand if you get the chance -- it really can make a lot of difference.

Post 1

There is nothing worse than a too narrow slipper -- those things are so utterly miserable to wear, they just pinch your feet and make you cranky, which is exactly the opposite of what a good slipper should do.

Luckily many brands are now coming out with wide slippers -- I know Acorn has a wide line, as do several other brands.

Now, bear in mind, most of these wide slippers are slip on slippers, not the kind with the back on them, but sometimes you can find one with a more classical shoe design as well.

If you're OK with a slip on design, then there really is no limit to the kind of slippers that you can

get, whether that's men's extra wide slippers with a grippy bottom or extra wide women's slippers with a terrycloth lining.

All you have to do is a quick internet search, and you should be able to find all the wide slippers your heart desires.

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