What Are Exfoliating Pads?

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Exfoliating pads used to remove dead skin and other impurities from the skin, remove makeup and cleanse skin. Some pads are made exclusively for the face, and others are made for the entire body. To get the mild scrubbing action needed in an exfoliating pad, it usually is made with sisal, nylon or another mildly rough material. Exfoliating pads can be used with or without cleanser, and there are pads available that already contain cleanser. Reusable and disposable pads can be purchased from a variety of stores.

The most common use for exfoliating pads is to remove dead skin and other foreign matter from the face and body. This might be done in one of several ways, including using a pad that contains cleanser, using cleanser with a plain pad or using water with a plain pad. When using a pad to exfoliate the skin, individuals should remember to do so gently to avoid damage to the skin. It also is important to avoid products that might cause skin irritation.

Some people choose to use exfoliating pads to moisturize their skin while exfoliating. By using moisturizer with the pads, some people feel that they are working the moisturizer deeper into their skin and removing any impurities from their skin. This might also be an effective way to exfoliate and moisturize areas of the body such as elbows, knees and feet.


Disposable exfoliating pads might become costly and cumbersome for some people, making reusable pads a better option. Reusable exfoliating pads come in a variety of forms, such as fleece cloths, microfiber cloths and mitts. Many people believe that the reusable pads not only exfoliate their skin but also polish their skin as well. With proper maintenance and use, reusable exfoliating pads have the potential to last for many years, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Another use for reusable pads is makeup removal. Pads are available that remove makeup with just water. Many users enjoy the ease with which these cloths can be used and the gentle manner in which they remove makeup.

Some exfoliating pads have certain products on them that are meant to help combat aging. These pads not only help remove dead skin, they also work into the user's skin certain acids and other products that are meant to help keep the skin vibrant looking and minimize wrinkles. It is often recommended that these products not be used on a daily basis, which might dry out the skin.


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Post 4

Where can I buy non-medicated facial pads? Like the ones used in stridex or retinol?

Post 3
There is a very affordable exfoliating pad product that I'm using. It lasts me two months even though I use it everyday. At least it's hygienic, unlike reusable pads.
Post 2

@ankara-- You need to try facial exfoliating pads that don't require scrubbing. Those are great.

There are two types of exfoliating products on the market. The first kind uses a physical exfoliator. These are the scrubs that contain ingredients like cornmeal or oatmeal and require physical scrubbing with the hands to work. The other type of exfoliating products exfoliate the skin with the use of chemical exfoliators such as salicylic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid.

Exfoliating pads that don't require scrubbing have a chemical exfoliator. So it's much more gentle on skin. You just have to wipe your face with it (but don't wash your face afterward).

Post 1

I've been using an exfoliating scrub but I'm not very happy with it. It doesn't feel like it gets all the dirt, oil and dead skin out. And the scrub is also rough so it makes my skin red and irritated after I use it.

Are exfoliating facial pads a better option for me? Are they suitable for sensitive skin and do they clean well?

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