What Are European Baby Formulas?

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European Baby Formulas are, for the most part, organic, which is a huge plus for parents who prefer all organic for their babies. EU farming practices are just better from an infant standpoint. The governing body of European formula regulation is the European Commission (equivalent to the FDA in the US). They oblige that there should be no detectable levels of pesticide residues in any infant formula, which makes European baby formulas organic. Most of the baby formulas are made from milk cows, living on a Demeter farm.

Demeter means the farm is biodynamic, so no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers or GMO technology. The farming methods are sustainable, and the cows graze and consume grass, which makes for some healthy and happy cows! Grass-fed cows produce milk that may have additional benefits to infants, compared to cows raised on corn. As a whole, European Baby Formulas are ideal for the development of the babies.

Some of the best European Baby Formulas

The Holle Stage 1 Organic Formula is one of the most popular formulas and absolutely at the top of the scope. The Holle Stage 1 Organic Formula is produced with goat milk and is suitable to use from birth and on alone or in a supplement to breast milk. It can be used in a bottle or mixed with baby cereal if needed. The consistency and taste also make the formula easy to transition to if the baby is switching from a standard cow's milk formula. It has no artificial colors, flavors, or additives.

For babies who are sensitive to cow’s milk, the Nannycare Nanny Goat Milk Growing Up Formula is ideal for them. The formula is not produced for those who have proven with milk allergies. However, this formula is gentle on the stomach and digestive system because instead of cow's milk, it is produced of goat’s, and holds essential nutrients and minerals for the development of the babies. The protein in the goat milk makes for smaller curds, which are easily digestible and won’t give to colic or gas issues in little ones. It does have Vitamins A and C for a healthy immune system and Iron, calcium, and Vitamin D.

Compared to some other European baby formulas, the HiPP Stage 1 Combiotic First Infant Milk Formula is made with cow’s milk. So while it’s not a vegetarian-friendly or suitable for babies with a milk intolerance or allergy, it can still provide nutrients a baby needs for that first year. It’s made from organic skimmed milk and has Vitamin A, B2, and D, among others. It has all the nutrients required for the baby's mental and physical growth, including DHA, Omega 3, and AA.

The Lebenswert Bio Organic Formula is another healthy formula that does not use food additive called maltodextrin. It also contains all of the vitamins and minerals vital for the baby’s proper development. The formula’s milk comes from farms that meet and exceeds the guidelines of the Bioland Association.

The Baby’s Only Organic Non-GMO LactoRelief Formula is made with organic milk and another one that’s a top brand known overseas. It is designed to be light on the stomach, particularly for babies with lactose sensitivities. It does provide an alternative for babies who need relief from any digestive issues associated with lactose formula. The formula has ARA & DHA for your baby’s healthy development and does not contain corn syrup or palm oil.

Each one offers top quality, but that depends on the baby’s needs. That’s not to say that other formulas are also not exceptional, but there are undeniably remarkable benefits of European baby formula that parents can’t simply ignore.

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