What Are Employment Affirmations?

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Employment affirmations are positive statements that job hunters, as well as current employees, sometimes use to create positive and productive mindsets. People who have become recently unemployed may use daily affirmations to help dispel feelings of disappointment or resentment over their job loss. Many believe that removal of this negative mental energy is beneficial for opening pathways to better employment opportunities. Affirmations that focus on job interview performance are often considered constructive tools for successfully getting a job. Workers experiencing burn-out at their present jobs also sometimes use employment affirmations to improve their attitudes towards their work and to gain renewed enthusiasm.

Loss of a job can frequently be a difficult situation, and some people can experience temporary losses of self-confidence as well. These feelings are common even when the workers are not at fault for their unemployment. Using employment affirmations can usually help these new job seekers put things into perspective and remember that they have talent and value. This type of positive self-image is integral to projecting an outer impression of professionalism and capability.

Some people who feel excess anxiety about job interviews find that certain work affirmations are beneficial for them. Employment affirmations about job interviews frequently include statements concerning how the perfect interview will transpire. Job seekers who regularly include affirmations as part of their interview preparation often report that they are able to answer questions more confidently and better demonstrate their expertise.


Difficulty in a current job is the focus of additional types of affirmations. People who are unhappy in their current work environments often project those negative feelings to others without consciously realizing it. Employment affirmations can usually remind them of their competence at their jobs and their valued contributions to the rest of the workplace. Those who believe in the importance of their work through affirmations tend to experience improved performance and enthusiasm for the job. Affirmations can also be a source of strength and mental renewal for someone who works in a poorly-run organization and needs to search for a different job.

The use of employment affirmations is based on a principle known as a law of attraction. People who believe their positive affirmations draw positive outcomes in their lives often also believe the same practice can be useful in the workplace. Employees who believe in their own capability tend to foster that confidence in others as well.


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