What Are Dual Screen DVD Players?

K. Kinsella

Digital Video Discs (DVDs) store data and media files, and people can watch media video files stored on the discs on DVD players. Dual screen DVD players have more than one screen, whereas standard players have either one or none. The screens on dual players are normally small, and these players are commonly used in vehicles so that people in both the front and the back of the vehicle can simultaneously watch video files that are being transmitted from one single device.

Many dual screen DVD players can be connected to lighter sockets in cars and powered by the car's battery.
Many dual screen DVD players can be connected to lighter sockets in cars and powered by the car's battery.

DVDs were first developed in 1993, when rival technology firms each produced discs that could store digital media files. The rival groups eventually decided to work together to create one standardized disc that became known as a DVD. Initially, DVD players could only play video files and had to be connected to television screens. Portable DVD players were gradually introduced to the market, and these small lightweight devices were fitted with small screens that meant the owner could watch media files at any time in any place. Car manufacturers and airlines began installing these lightweight devices in vehicles, and this lead to the creation of the dual screen DVD, which enables people to save energy and room by providing entertainment for multiple people from a single device.

Dual screen DVD players are portable and battery operated, although most devices can be connected to lighter sockets in cars and powered by the car's battery. Many cars are designed to hold dual screen DVD players, and the car owner can attach the screens to the back side of the driver's and the front passenger's head rests. Some cars also have holders for DVD players installed in the front of the car or in the rear of the vehicle if the car has more than two rows of seats.

A dual screen DVD player typically has one remote controller, which means that only one viewer can actively control the device. As with regular DVD players, the remote enables the viewer to select scenes, skip sections of the video file, or replay sections of the video. Standard dual screen DVD players also features ports into which viewers can attach headphones. The headphone sockets may be found on the actual device or on the dual screens.

DVDs formats vary around the world. Although dual DVD players are portable, a DVD produced in a certain region of the world can only play discs that were issued in that region, but some firms manufacture multi-region dual screen DVD players. Aside from playing video files, dual screen players can also play music files. Some car owners use dual screen players as an alternative to CD players in their vehicles.

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