What are Double Coupons?

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Double coupons are a great tool for the frugal shopper. If you like using coupons, you will love increasing your savings with them. So, how do these coupons work? A particular store or certain manufacturers will double the face value of regular coupons for a limited time, on a particular day of the week, or throughout the duration of a special sale.

Using double coupons mean double the savings. If you have coupons for fifty cents off your favorite laundry soap, you will save up to one dollar on each bottle. That is how these coupons traditionally work, although there is another method. The other way that they work is to persuade you to purchase an extra item. If you buy two bottles of laundry detergent, you will get fifty cents off each one, even though you only have one coupon.

Many grocery stores offer double coupons on a certain day of the week or month. Usually, this is done to draw more customers on a day that is regularly slower than the others. Since stores tend to be busy the day the weekly sale begins and on weekends, a grocer may offer this type of coupon on Monday, to increase sales on a day that would otherwise be slow.

When it comes to monthly specials, stores figure out when people shop. Many people shop on the first or near the first of the month. Others shop near the end of the month. In this case, a store might offer double coupons mid month to increase business. Since the manufacturer reimburses a store for the face value of the coupon, the store is really only paying for half the discount.

Watch your local sales papers for double coupons at your favorite stores. Take advantage of these deals to achieve the greatest savings and get the most for your money. Some stores that offer double coupons on a regular basis also have a coupon exchange. This is usually a bin filled with coupons that customers have brought in, where you can trade coupons that you don’t need for others that you can use.

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Post 5

OK I have a question. In order to double my coupons, do I need to have two coupons or do they just scan your coupon twice?

Post 3

Our local store started advertising that they were now doubling coupons and have a large sign out front saying just that. I was allowed to double my coupons one time, but tonight all of my coupons were denied for doubling (yet none of the coupons said "Do Not Double"). I was told that if the coupon says "Limit 1 coupon" in the fine print then it would be like applying 2 coupons and they cannot do that. What exactly is double coupons if most coupons state "Limit 1 coupon per purchase"? Are there any coupons printed that fit this definition of doubling coupons? Thank you to all who can help answer this question!!

Post 2

I have a question which I would love to know the answer to. When a store doubles your coupon, then submits the coupon to the manufacturer for reimbursement, does that manufacturer pay the store the face value of the coupon or double the face value?

Post 1

Most of the stores where I live(Fort Wayne, Indiana) have stopped doubling dollar coupons and for smaller amounts they only double coupons up to 50 cents. One store triples coupons up to 50 cents but this is really ridiculous. I can't save much with them the way I used to.

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