What Are Double Chocolate Muffins?

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Double chocolate muffins are a sweet baked food that is flavored with chocolate baking powder and also contains chocolate morsels. Many different versions of this recipe exist, both in cookbooks and on the Internet. Variations on the traditional double chocolate recipe can include a fiber enriched muffin as well as a cream cheese filled muffin.

These muffins may be made using semi-sweet, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate morsels. Muffins which are baked using multiple types of flavored morsels are often referred to as triple chocolate muffins. The recipe used to create the muffin batter base for the double chocolate muffins may vary. Ingredients used to create this batter typically include flour, unsweetened powdered cocoa, sugar, baking powder, and baking soda. These dry ingredients, once blended well, may be mixed together with eggs, milk, and some melted butter.


Baking times for double chocolate muffins is usually based on the amount of muffins produced, and the size of the tins used. Regularly sized muffins usually yield roughly one dozen small cakes and may require up to 20 minutes in a hot oven to cook through completely. Miniature muffins tend to produce double the amount of cakes of that of a standard muffin tin, and may only need between 10 and 15 minutes in a hot oven. Whether using standard or miniature sized muffin tins, most chefs can benefit from pouring the batter into paper liners rather than directly into the baking tin to avoid food sticking to the edges.

Double chocolate muffins can be altered into a healthy version of a standard recipe using fiber rich breakfast cereal and whole wheat flour. The fiber rich breakfast cereal is first crumbled using a food process or blender and allowed to soak for several minutes in buttermilk to render it soft. It can then be blended with all whole wheat flour, or a whole wheat and all purpose flour blend to create the batter. Each muffin made using this type of substitution can provide one person with up to four grams of fiber.

Dried fruit and creamed cheese can be combined to create a baked filling for these muffins. Softened cream cheese is blended together with melted vanilla baking chips and dried cranberries to form the base for the filling. This mixture is then spooned over the muffin batter inside the muffin tins prior to baking. Both the muffins and the filling should be completely baked through prior to removing from the oven.


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