What are Differerent Uses for Baby Oil?

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Baby oil is mineral oil or liquid petroleum, a byproduct in the distillation of petroleum, such as in the production of gasoline, that has had fragrance added to it. This product is available in most drug stores and has a variety of uses in medicine and cosmetics. Baby oil is so named because it is mild and gentle, suitable for use on the delicate skin of babies as well as anyone with sensitive skin.

Perhaps the most common use for baby oil is as a skin moisturizer. It helps protect skin from dryness by forming a barrier that locks in moisture. It can also help soothe dry skin, and is often used to alleviate eczema and diaper rash, though it should never be used on broken skin. Mineral oil can be added to the bath to help moisturize skin or be used as an alternative to shave gel.


Baby oil can be used in massage for infants and adults, as well as to protect and soften the eyelashes. It also helps to remove temporary tattoos, make up, paint, bubble gum, and bandage adhesive from the skin or hair. However, in some people, it can clog the pores and lead to acne. Baby oil can also be used to clean the ears, as it can help soften and break up earwax deposits. However, it can cause ear infection in the case of a perforated eardrum, so it is important to consult a doctor before using it to clean the ears.

Baby oil is also sometimes taken internally as a laxative, as it helps lubricate the bowels. This use should also be cleared by a doctor, however, as it can have potentially harmful complications. For example, if accidentally aspirated, mineral oil can harm the lungs. Baby oil should be stored out of the reach of children, as it can be dangerous in the case of accidental ingestion or aspiration.

Mineral oil has a number of household uses as well. It can be used to polish and protect wood, leather, silver, and chrome. Its lubricating properties also make it good for getting tangles out of jewelry, removing tight rings, and loosening stubborn zippers. Mineral oil can help fix squeaky hinges on a door or window too. Another possible use is to remove price stickers, and the residue they can leave behind.


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Post 3

I use mineral oil on my skin after showering. It's smooth, soft and helps with decreasing black and blue areas. It's also good for decreasing pain in joints, like the knees and wrists.

Mineral oil has 2.8-3 percent hydrogen peroxide. H202 needed to give more oxygen to cells. It's good for repair, growth, breathing, heart, hair and many organs. When applied to wet skin, mineral oil locks in moisture and also contains oxygen. The air compressors and humidifiers use distilled water and many apply oil to increase oxygen delivery. Some books are available on uses of H2O2 and oxygen therapy.

Post 2

@abiane - Using baby oil for untangling necklace chains doesn't always work. Plus you get to look forward to becoming an oily mess yourself. I would most likely rather stick to using baby oil products for their intended use simply because of the oiliness I feel after using them. Yuck. Although, many people swear by using it so it's worth giving it a shot if you have never tried it.

Post 1

I read somewhere once that baby oil helps to get knots out of necklaces. Now that I just read that in the last paragraph of this article I will definitely have to try it the next time I find a horrible tangle in my chain. Baby oil as a lubricant to get rings and stuff off seems plausible as well. Thanks for the tips!

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