What are Different Ways to Create Shade in my Yard?

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The most natural way to create shade in the yard is to plant one or more trees. If you don’t want to wait several years to obtain shade, you can purchase starter trees. They have already begun growing and are ready to transplant in your yard.

You can find starter trees at most nurseries and garden centers. Seek advice wherever you purchase your trees, and be sure to choose the right type of tree for your soil climate. Learn about root patterns to avoid damage to your lawn or your home, and make sure you don’t plant trees too close to the house, garage, or patio. It doesn’t do any good to make shade if you create problems along with it.

A simple way to create shade is adding patio furniture that includes an umbrella or its own awning. Outdoor tables are available with different sizes of umbrellas, some quite large, to make shade and help make relaxing or entertaining more comfortable. Bench swings and gliders are often available with their own awnings.


Speaking of awnings, there is a large selection of them available to help you create shade. Choose from stationary or retractable awnings, the latter of which you can adjust to suit your needs. Awnings are available in many attractive styles and colors and made of weather resistant materials. They are simple to install and to use. You can create shade, a little or a lot, depending on the type and size of awnings you choose.

You can also go a step further to create shade by installing a canopy, pavilion, or gazebo. Such structures not only offer shade, but also provide the perfect place for a comfortable seating area. You can dine, relax, or entertain in style and comfort.

Choose canopies with tubular supports and a canvas covering, or choose a screened in design to protect against mosquitoes and other insects. Pavilions also come in a great selection, from high style to simple wooden designs, and gazebos are offered in an array of sizes, styles, and price ranges. You can have these items installed or purchase kits and do it yourself. You will not only create shade, but also add great style to your yard.


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Post 2

Be careful what you plant when you're dreaming of growing the perfect shade tree. To find the perfect tree, make sure you know what you're getting into.

We planted a great (we thought) tree to create shade for our cars parked in the driveway. It's super-shady and large. But it drops too many seeds and makes such a big mess, we've decided to chop it down and start all over with a tree that won't leave such a freaking mess all over the driveway, the lawn, and the sidewalk.

Yes, we feel terrible about it. But we learned that planting trees on our property includes doing the research to get the full picture of what we get out of it in the long run.

Post 1

Some plants grow quickly into tall shade bushes. Where we live, plants grow like weeds and weeds grow as tall as trees. We have to be hyper-vigilant to keep the weeds in check.

Areca palm bushes were planted in the back yard about 12 inches apart, all the way across the yard.

Within a year they were all 5 feet tall. After a couple of years, the areca palms turned into a green wall between our yard and the yard of our neighbors.

It's a beautiful expanse of green that offers both shade and privacy. I'd rather have these palms (with their continual dropping of fronds) than any man-made wall or fence.

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