What are Different Types of Surf Boards?

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There are many different types of surf boards to choose from, each having its own advantages, disadvantages, and purposes.

The Egg is a small hybrid board that is under 6 feet (about 1.83 meters) long. This board has a round tail shape and a rounded longboard profile.

The Egg surfboard is used with smaller waves and typically ridden with any fin set up. Unlike boards that are meant for tricks and high performance, the Egg is often called the “fun board,” because it is primarily designed for just having a good time on the waves. Therefore, it is generally the best choice for beginners.

Another type of surf board is the Fish. The Fish, which was first created by Skip Frye in the 1970s, is shorter than the Egg. It is a popular choice for surfing smaller waves and is usually set up with a swallow tail shape and a Twin Fin. Unlike some surf boards, the Fish was very popular in the early 21st century because of its use by superstar surfer Tom Curren.

The Gun is another of type of surf board, and it ranges anywhere from 7 to 12 feet (about 2.13 to 3.66 meters) in length. It has a Thruster or Single set up with a very thin template. It looks very similar to a shortboard, but has the length of a longboard. This surf board is typically used in areas known for big waves, such as Mavericks and Waimea Bay.


The longboard, which is often referred to as a “Mal,” is another of the different types of surf boards. It is mostly single finned and has a large rounded nose. It is typically anywhere from 9 to 12 feet (about 2.74 to 3.66 meters) long. It earns its name because it is one of the most popular types used in Malibu.

Another type is the Mini Mal, which is also sometimes referred to as the “fun board.” This surf board looks similar to the longboard, but is only seven to nine feet (about 2.13 to 2.74 meters) long. This allows it to be much more maneuverable, and it can be set up with either a three fin “thruster” or a single fin.

The shortboard is the most versatile and, therefore, most popular of the smaller surf boards. It has a pointy nose and smaller dimensions than other boards. It is typically set up with three or five fins with a Bronzer or Thruster style.


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No there is not a surfboard called bogey. A bogey or bodyboard is a much more smaller board made for bodybuilding or kneeboarding and is also made of a much soft material than surfboards.

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Is there a surf board called a bogey?

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