What are Different Types of Sexual Stimulants?

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Sexual stimulants are products that can help a person regain a lost level of desire or enhance the experiences a person currently has. There are a wide range of products that are supposed to have this ability. Some are natural, such as ginseng and yohimbe, and others are manmade, such as Viagra and Cialis.

Many people are familiar with ginseng, but they may not be aware of its long history of being used as a sexual stimulant. The Chinese were one of the first groups known to use the herb for this purpose. In modern times, members of other cultures have begun to recognize that ginseng boosts a person’s vitality and improves his muscle stamina.

Yohimbe, sometimes marketed as yohimbine, is also on the list of herbal sexual stimulants. Many herbs on this list are primarily marketed for other purposes, despite their potential to enhance sexual experiences. Yohimbe, however, is often promoted as a sex herb. It has been found to be an effective solution to impotence in addition to being useful for stimulation.

Besides individual herbs, it is common to find herbal supplements that are formulated as sexual stimulants. These generally are composed of a variety of plant and root extracts. While there may be some that are available for both sexes, it is more common to find that these products are designed for either males or females. For example, Provestra contains maca, damiana leaf, and black cohosh root and it is marketed as a libido enhancer for women.

Chocolate is gaining wider recognition for its health benefits. One of those benefits is as a mood enhancer. It has been found that this food has the capability to enhance pleasure because it contains stimulating substances such as phenylethylamine, dopamine, and serotonin. Whether or not people throughout history had an explanation for the effects of this product is debatable. What is known, however, is that numerous civilizations in history used chocolate as a sexual stimulant.

Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis are pharmaceutical sexual stimulants. These pills are generally available by prescription only. They help men overcome erection problems so they can have enjoyable sexual experiences. Many doctors support these medications and say they are effective for the majority of men who take them. Doctors also tend to agree that there are not any major differences that makes one medication drastically better than the other.

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@ddljohn-- I think that sexually stimulating medications are safe as long as they are used under the supervision of a doctor and according to directions. Of course, all medications can have side effects, even natural herbs have side effects. I think that some of the negative feedback about these medications come from people who don't use them properly and who take higher than recommended doses.

If these medications really had such severe side effects, I'm sure that the FDA would do something about it. So we can use them, but we should use them wisely. And those who are taking medications for chronic health conditions should check with their doctor to make sure that the drugs will not interact negatively with one another.

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Arginine is also a good supplement for libido loss or erectile dysfunction. It's an amino acid that improves circulation. Arginine cream or gel can be used as a stimulating lubricant. I use arginine gel for this purpose and I think it works better than some OTC lubricants.

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I'm of the opinion that medications used for erections are dangerous. I've heard of many examples where people suffered from heart attacks and other problems due to them. I'm not a doctor so I don't know if this is true or if it will happen to everyone, but I think that there are safer option out there. Many natural herbs can act as sexual stimulants. The article gave some great examples. I also know of carob and cardamom. These are male and female aphrodisiacs and they both taste great. They can be used in cooking, they don't have to be taken as supplements.

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