What are Different Types of Power Tool Accessories?

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There are many different types of power tools available to complete jobs around the home and shop. Adding to the convenience of these tools is that there are attachments available allowing them to be used for different tasks. These tools include, but aren't limited to, drills, grinders, saws and sanders. There are numerous power tool accessories available for each of these items.

If you have a task you want to simplify, you can guarantee that there are power tool accessories available to complete it. A cordless drill has more accessories available for purchase than any other power tool. Popular accessories include turbine mixing bits for stirring concrete, turbo shears for cutting 18-gauge galvanized steel, drift pins for removing chuck heads and boring bits for boring operations. All power drill accessories can be classified under one of the seven different categories: adapters and extensions, annular cutter accessories, coring rig accessories, cutter and shear attachments, drill attachments, drill chucks and keys, impact driver chucks and specialty drill accessories.

Grinders serve one purpose, and that is grinding. The power tool accessories for this item consist of different types of blades for performing specific grinding functions. These blades include diamond turbo blades for grinding granite and tile, carbide rasps for grinding filler and tile adhesives, and metal grinding wheels for grinding ferrous metals. With these various attachments available for purchase, there is no material that can't be cut or ground.


There are more than ten different types of power saws that are usable by carpenters and homeowners alike. These saws include band saws, chainsaws, circular saws, cut-off saws, foam cutters, jig saws, miter saws, panel saws, radial saws and reciprocating saws. The power tool accessories for these saws are unlimited. Popular attachments include quick-sanders for tedious sanding projects such as window sills, diamond blades for cutting cured concrete and bricks and masonry blades for cutting materials that are in tight or hard to reach places.

Sanders are a type of power tool used for smoothing rough spots on wood and various other materials. They come with several power tool accessories, including sanding pads and hoses for making sanding easier and cleaner. Sanding pads come in triangular shapes for sanding corners, circular pads for sanding contoured surfaces, and square pads for sanding doors, walls and floors. The process of sanding is made cleaner with various hose attachments, including vacuum hoses, for extracting dust.


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