What are Different Types of Penile Diseases?

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The most common types of penile diseases are sexually transmitted diseases which are spread through sexual intercourse with an infected partner. Penile cancer is a rare disease which can affect the glands of the penis. Sometimes additional dysfunctions can affect the penile region, and these can be caused by disease or other factors.

Penile diseases can include a wide range of ailments which directly impact the penis. Sexually transmitted diseases are the most common types of diseases affecting the penis. This includes several potential infections, including genital herpes, gonorrhea, or syphilis. They are spread through sexual intercourse, oral sexual activities, and sometimes anal sex. Symptoms may vary depending on the illness, but they often include discharge from the penis, soreness, swelling, redness, burning upon urination, and sometimes warts or bumps on or around the penis.

Most sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented through abstinence. Barrier method birth controls like condoms also offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Symptoms may not always appear right away or at all, so those who have been sexually active without using protection should be tested regularly. Diseases of this type can generally be diagnosed through blood tests.

Penile cancer is another type of penile disease. It is rare and is slightly more common in uncircumcised males than in circumcised ones. Treatment can include surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. Penile cancer is an uncommon cause of death, but since it is uncommon, doctors may not automatically check for it when testing for the cause of various symptoms. This later detection could lead to a more difficult time treating the disease.

Occasionally, penile diseases can cause additional problems like erectile dysfunction and impotence. Sexually transmitted diseases as well as other factors can contribute to sexual issues. Various tests are generally needed to test for the underlying causes of sexual dysfunction. Both illness and psychological issues could be to blame.

Penile diseases can eventually spread to other areas of the body. Many sexually transmitted illnesses can infect other organs if they are left untreated for long periods of time. Most varieties can be treated or cured with early intervention and proper medication prescribed by a doctor. Some, such as genital herpes, cannot be cured but outbreaks can be prevented or lessened.

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I have a herniated disc. Could that be the cause of why I have been prematurely ejaculating? How can it be fixed?

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We need help. My husband is young, but just had a penectomy due to squamous cell cancer from warts. He still has the scrotum and an opening beneath the scrotum to void. He wants a penile transplant and needs a doctor who will do this for him. He was a very virile, sexually active man before this happened to him. I also understand that the scrotum can be stimulated as well. We are desperately for physical, emotional and sexual help.

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