What are Different Types of Mosquito Nets?

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Many people are concerned and aware of the problems that mosquitoes can present. From diseases they may carry to the more minor irritation of their bite and possible infection from bite reaction, people desire to keep these pesky insects away. Mosquito nets are one of the ways to keep mosquitoes out of any area where their presence is a problem.

Mosquito nets are available in a variety of designs for versatile uses. Some mosquito nets are pre-treated with a pesticide for additional protection, and other netting is available untreated. The primary purpose of mosquito nets is to create an impenetrable barrier between humans and mosquitoes.

Many mosquito nets are developed with the outdoors in mind, where mosquitoes are the biggest problem. However, in many parts of the world, mosquitoes can be a problem inside and outside. Either way, there are mosquito nets designed to assist with control in most any situation.

For outdoor dining or just relaxing, mosquito nets are available for enclosing gazebos, dining tents, and even patio tables with umbrellas. The same protection is available from mosquito nets designed to cover beds, cots, and sleeping bags. Similarly, mosquito nets are available for on the go use as well. Hats with mosquito nets built in are readily available for hiking, fishing, or hunting, or you can design your own mosquito netting for other uses, such as covering a stroller, by purchasing a lot or bolt of the netting and cutting and attaching to fit.


Most mosquito nets are designed to either hang from a central point such as the top of a tent, umbrella, ceiling, or wherever applicable, and then drape to the ground. However, when hanging is not possible or convenient, freestanding or self-supporting mosquito nets can be purchased. Some mosquito nets are designed to be freestanding, pop-up enclosures. Essentially, there is a mosquito net designed for any situation that may warrant protection.

The choice to use treated or untreated mosquito netting is dependent on your preference. Treated mosquito nets are most commonly treated with permethrin. Permethrin is a man-made insecticide, not to be confused with an insect repellent. When used to treat fabrics, permethrin binds to the fabric’s fibers once dried. Studies have shown that permethrin is not harmful to the environment, and treated fabric, once dried, is safe to use even around small children. It is degraded in sunlight and can be washed off, so the effectiveness of pre-treated mosquito nets is not indefinite, and the netting may need to be retreated periodically with a permethrin spray.


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