What are Different Types of Hair Growth Products?

Felicia Dye

There are a number of reasons why a person may not be satisfied with his or her hair. Perhaps he or she once had long hair that was cut or that became damaged. It is also possible for people to suffer hair loss or breakage due to certain types of medical treatment. Whatever the reasons, there are numerous hair growth products on the market that may help. These include shampoos, vitamins, and hair food.

Many shampoos and conditioners claim to be specially formulated to promote hair growth.
Many shampoos and conditioners claim to be specially formulated to promote hair growth.

Two of the most common types of hair growth products are shampoos and conditioners. A person generally will find that these items are developed to deal with a host of hair problems. One of them is the need for improved growth.

It is generally believed that healthy hair accompanies a healthy body.
It is generally believed that healthy hair accompanies a healthy body.

Many shampoos and conditioners claim to be specially formulated to promote hair growth. These often include panthenol, which is a form of vitamin B that is believed to absorb well into the hair and scalp. They also usually include various other unique combinations of both chemical and natural ingredients. Although a person may experience results using either a hair growth shampoo or conditioner, it is often noted that the best results are experienced when both are used.

Hair growth products that are left on the hair or scalp may also be used. One good example is hair food. These products may not be appealing to those who have oily hair because these products are generally oily. Usually, the hair is parted and these products are applied directly to the scalp. Thereafter, a small portion may be applied directly to the hair as well. Hair food is often enriched with a combination of natural ingredients such as vitamins and herbal substances.

There are also a number of spray-on hair growth products that are available. These generally claim to be enriched with nutrients such as protein and amino acids. It is believed that they can help to promote growth by protecting and strengthening the strands of hair. These are usually applied to the hair daily before the hair is styled.

It is generally believed that healthy hair accompanies a healthy body. One reason a person may not experience the hair growth that he or she wants is because he or she is not obtaining the nutrients that are needed. If this is the case, some people may want to take supplements in addition to topical products.

There are numerous vitamin mixtures that are marketed for hair growth. These commonly include vitamins B and C. They may also contain beta-carotene, zinc, and silica.

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I have found that the best hair growth product out there is not even intended for humans, but it works on them. When I was a teenager, all my peers had started using a type of horse shampoo to make their hair grow.

It sounded weird to me, but my friends said it actually worked. It had gotten so popular that several stores in the area had started keeping the horse shampoo on the shelf with the regular shampoo!

I tried it, and I started seeing a ton of new hair growth quickly. I had sprouts growing out of my part, which kind of made me self-conscious, but I knew it meant the shampoo was working. Soon, I would have thicker hair.


I use a shampoo and condition that's supposed to help with hair growth. I actually did notice a difference after I started using it. I mean, my hair isn't growing a foot a month or something, but it's definitely growing more rapidly than it used too.

I think it's because, as the article said, some of the nutrients do seep into your scalp. That's where your hair follicles are, so I can totally see how this would stimulate hair growth.

I'm definitely going to keep using the hair growth shampoo for the foreseeable future.


@starrynight - That's pretty funny! Her poor boyfriend.

I've actually seen vitamins at the health food store that are marketed for hair growth. The last one I took a look at had a bunch of vitamins in it, biotin, and some minerals like calcium and silica.

Personally, I'm happy with my hair growth. So I've never tried any of these products. But I think taking a hair growth supplement makes a lot more sense than slathering product on your actual hair. Hair growth comes from within-the hair that's already grown is no longer made of live cells. So how is putting something on your hair going to make it grow more?


I've heard before that pre-natal vitamins are really good for your hair and nails. In fact, one of my friends (who wasn't pregnant) decided to try this and it really did make her hair and nails grow longer.

However, she did have quite an awkward moment with her boyfriend because of the vitamins. She forgot to tell her boyfriend she was taking them, and he found them in her cabinet one day. He was like, "Do you need to tell me something?" Luckily she was able to clear up the situation without too much confusion.


One thing I have noticed about aging, is that my hair is much thinner than it used to be. I have always had pretty thick hair, so can imagine what it would be like if I started out with fine, thin hair.

I have read several things about taking a zinc supplement to help with thinning hair. I get a little bit of zinc in my multi-vitamin, but needed more than that on a regular basis.

I also bought some herbal hair growth products in the form of a shampoo and conditioner. I am hoping between those two things that my hair will become a little fuller.

I am giving it some time as I think it might be a slow process and am not expecting results over night.


One of my best friends just went through treatment for breast cancer. She has always had fine, thin hair and the doctor told her that after the chemotherapy her hair would probably grow back thicker and fuller than it had been before.

It has been almost a year, and this has not happened. In fact, her hair seems even thinner than it was before.

She is in the process of trying some natural hair growth products that she purchased at the health food store. She hasn't been using them long enough to nice a difference yet.

Hopefully this will work for her. In the mean time she will often wear a wig or a scarf over her head because she feels self conscious about having such thin hair.


@Sara007 - I have had thinning hair for awhile now and I know it can be really embarrassing. Nothing is worse than trying a new hair style just to have it look horrible because your hair doesn't look full enough for the look.

If you mom is willing she can try what I am doing to help my hair. I am using organic hair growth products made from aloe vera gel, flaxseed gel and a variety of herbs such as with hazel, horsetail and mint. I think the important thing is not the brand but that it is infused with vitamin E. Vitamin E in your diet as well will also help with hair loss. It has been working for me.


My mother has been suffering from thinning hair for awhile now and she is really self conscious about it. I feel really bad for her because her hair used to be a point of pride for her. She was one of those people blessed with a full and shiny head of hair.

Does anyone know of any fast hair growth products that my mother may be able to try?

We have already tried a few homemade hair growth products that we ordered online, but we found that they really didn't help the problem. They actually made it worse! My mom ended up with limp hair.

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