What are Different Types of Fitness Routines?

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There are many different kinds of fitness routines, and selecting a routine that fits one's fitness needs can help improve overall health. Many people think of fitness routines in terms or aerobic exercises and strength training, but there are other types of fitness as well. Stretching, balance, and coordination routines can all be valuable to fitness as well. Some people find that choosing a routine that is intended for a particular group of people, such as women, men, sports players, or seniors, can be the best way to approach fitness. It is also possible to develop a specialized fitness routine that focuses on accomplishing one's goals.

One important kind of fitness routine involves aerobic exercise. An aerobic fitness routine might involve running, biking, aerobics classes in a gym or workouts on equipment such as an elliptical machine. Special devices that measure the body's heart rate and signal when the target heart rate has been reached can help make these fitness routines easy to follow.

Another important kind of fitness routine is strength training. Weight lifting routines are one kind of strength training, but various types of yoga and military exercises also promote muscle strength. In many cases, improving strength can be combined with improving balance in various muscle groups. It is important not to engage in fitness routines that can result in injury, so careful planning should be used for these routines.


Stretching routines are often combined with other, more strenuous exercise routines. On its own, though, flexibility is a valuable type of fitness. Regular stretching even without other exercises can prevent injuries as well as reduce stress.

Ideally, fitness routines should be somewhat diverse. They should include elements of many different kinds of exercises and should become more difficult as one becomes more fit. Including aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching in one's fitness routines is necessary for complete fitness. Many people find that these elements are best combined by complex exercises, such as dancing or sports. Being creative when planning fitness routines can help keep the exercises involved from becoming boring.

When planning out a fitness routine, one may want to get help from a professional fitness trainer. With careful research or the assistance of a professional, one can often design a routine that is personalized and manageable for one's level of fitness. This routine may include considerations for health conditions, personal fitness goals, and may even be designed to meet one's needs in terms of available time. Designing a personal fitness routine can be a great way to get excited about getting in shape as well.


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Remember to eat properly when you are on a fitness routine. In an attempt to lose weight, you might be tempted to skip meals to shed a few extra pounds. This is not a good idea. Your body may actually need more food once you start a new exercise workout routine.

Whichever fitness routine you chose, make sure you are eating healthy and taking in enough calories to keep your body energized.

Post 3

Incorporate swimming into your workout routine. Swimming is excellent for aerobic conditioning. A steady diet of laps in the pool and you will soon notice an improvement in your endurance. Another benefit of swimming is the muscle tone and muscle strength that come with regular training. For an overall body workout, swimming is one of the best activities you can do.

Post 2

As this article says, there is no shortage of possible workout routines. Personally, I like lifting free weights and running. Most exercise workout routines are beneficial when conducted properly. However, remember to choose a routine that you are going to enjoy. A great workout is only effective when you stick to it and work out consistently.

Post 1

I am not a natural athlete and working out is tough for me. One of the good things about my YMCA is that there are fitness advisers in the exercise and weight rooms. These trainers will make out a fitness schedule for you based on your needs and goals.

I feel better having someone knowledgeable helping me rather than trying to figure out what exercises to do and how many of them to do. With a written down fitness workout routine, I am more likely to stay on track and reach my goals.

It also helps that the fitness advisors are there to motivate me when I'm not in the mood for another day of working out.

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