What are Different Types of Facial Injuries?

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Because of the fragile and sensitive nature of the area, injuries to the face can be a serious issue. Different types of facial injuries can include fractures of the jaw, nose, or orbital bones. Deep gashes and lacerations are other types of facial injuries. Superficial cuts and burns to the face are facial injuries often caused by accidents.

Oral cuts and abrasions may be caused by trauma such as automobile accidents. These facial injuries may cause bleeding from the mouth and gums. In some cases, violent altercations and trauma may lead to lacerations of the mouth. Sometimes, teeth can be permanently knocked out of the mouth in these cases.

Facial fractures or broken bones may occur in patients who have been in traumatic accidents of various kinds. Car crashes, falls, or impact trauma may lead to facial injuries requiring reconstructive surgery. These types of injuries typically require the care of a plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery. Procedures may be needed to realign or reposition bones, which helps promote healing as well as improve appearance.

Second- or third-degree burns, including severe sunburn, are other types of facial injuries that may require treatment by a dermatologist. These types of facial injuries may be prone to infection. This is why it is crucial to treat the burn immediately and ensure that open wounds are kept sterile and free from contamination.


In severe cases of facial injuries involving broken jaw bones, a physician may opt to perform a wiring procedure of the jaw. This is done to immobilize the jawbone, which prevents further damage. In some cases, a surgeon may decide to insert metal screws into the jaw to hold the bone together while it heals.

Various types of facial injuries are common among athletes and students who participate in contact sports. Eye socket fractures and facial fractures are common among sports participants. A dislocated jaw is another common facial injury for athletes.

In many cases, severe facial injures of the eye socket may lead to what is referred to as an orbital bone fracture or blowout fracture. Some patients who incur such an injury may also suffer from eye damage. This may impair the vision, either temporarily or permanently. The extent of damage to the facial structure may be determined through an x-ray. If vision has been impaired, the patient will be referred to an ophthalmologist.

Facial injury treatment may include the use of ice packs in some cases. This may be a method of treatment for superficial wounds or injury when minor bruising or swelling occurs, without the presence of broken bones. It is typical for a physician to take an x-ray of the area to rule out serious fractures, however.


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