What are Different Types of Eyeglass Cases?

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Eyeglasses, even with the most basic prescription or no prescription at all, can be expensive. The best way to protect eyeglasses is with an eyeglass case. There are nearly as many different styles of eyeglass cases as there are eyeglass frames. Typically, upon purchase of a prescription pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, a basic eyeglass case is provided. However, if you prefer something more fashionable or versatile, there are numerous types of eyeglass cases to choose from.

Soft eyeglass cases are one option that has certain advantages and disadvantages over other types. A soft eyeglass case is made from fabric with a soft lining sewn inside and resembles a pouch that the eyeglasses simply slide into. They may have an open-ended top or a drawstring closure.

Soft eyeglass cases might be made from solid or print fabric, or even leather, and can be found in a variety of colors and patterns. Because they are soft and made from fabric, they can be carried compactly in a pocket or purse when the glasses are not inside. This design is convenient for transport, but offers very little protection to the eyeglasses.


A sturdier eyeglass case option is a hard case. Hard cases are oblong in shape and have hinges in the back so that the case opens much like a chest or trunk. The inside is softly lined to avoid scratching the eyeglass lenses during storage, but the outside has a hard plastic shell, offering the eyeglasses protection from damage due to accidentally dropping or sitting on the case. A hard eyeglass case is almost always recommended for children. Hard cases come in a variety of colors and may be oval, rectangular or clam shelled.

One final option for eyeglass cases is the semi-hard case, which proves to be the most versatile of all cases. Semi-hard cases are made from sturdy fabrics with the same soft inner lining as soft cases, but they have a hard vinyl insert in between the two layers to offer some protection to the glasses they hold. Semi-hard eyeglass cases often have more availability of patterns, colors and designs to choose from and often come with clips or straps for added convenience.

You can purchase almost any type of eyeglass case at an optical center. When purchasing new prescription lenses, be sure to ask if there are several types of eyeglass cases to choose from, as many places give their customers free eyeglass cases with new purchases.


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I really like the little cases that comes with fold-able glasses. I have a pair of reading glasses that fold up neatly and fit into a rectangle case.

I used to have regular glasses in a hard clam shell style case, but it was too bulky. I travel a lot and it's much easier to carry my smaller case with me.

Of course, the folding glasses cases aren't as decorative as regular cases. Most of them come in plain solid colors. I guess you could always draw on them yourself, but it wouldn't look very good.

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