What are Different Types of Document Holders?

J. Beam

The home office has become an essential area in many homes today, and many people are continually searching for a better way to organize and store their paper documents at home. There are several different types of document holders that can help keep the home office area neat while providing convenient access to the multitude of paper documents in most households.

A system using simple file folders with large tabs can help keep important documents in order.
A system using simple file folders with large tabs can help keep important documents in order.

Depending on the size of your office, you might be able to fit a filing cabinet in somewhere, or perhaps your desk has a file drawer built in. Hanging document holders are specifically designed for use in file drawers. These folders have hangers built into the outside edge so they can be hooked onto a file drawer. They are available in standard and legal document sizes.

If you do not have room for a file cabinet, consider expanding document holders. These accordion-style file folders have divided sections to sort and store several documents by type. They expand for easy searching or filing, and then compress back to the thickness of a book, usually bound by elastic cords, for easier storage. Expanding document holders are a good choice for organizing documents in a small amount of space, and they are portable as well.

If a specific document needs to be both stored and protected, page protective document holders are very useful. There are two basic types of page protective document holders. One version, also known as a report cover, binds several pages together within a durable cover. The other style is designed to bind documents together in individual protective sleeves. Both styles are great for storing portfolios, reports, presentations and other multi-page documents that you might refer to often.

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If you need daily access to certain documents, then document holders designed for storage might not be as convenient as desktop document holders. There are many different types of paper trays and organizers that can hold documents neatly on your desk and keep them readily available. To find the best type of document holders for your personal needs, visit an office supply retailer. Consider a fireproof safe for storing essential records.

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