What are Different Types of Diet Food Plans?

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There are numerous diet food plans, each designed for specific needs and goals. Diet food plans geared for weight loss typically consist of nutritionally balanced, low-calorie, and low-carbohydrate foods. Diet food plans created to cleanse the body from toxic substances might include raw foods or detox diet food. Other various diet food plans are designed for the vegetarian or vegan diet, the whole foods diet, and the gluten-free diet. A diabetic diet would include foods designed especially for people with diabetes.

People who do not eat meat or fish adhere to a vegetarian diet. Diet food plans that are suitable for vegetarians would include whole grains, fruits and vegetables, various nuts and seeds, tofu and soy. Vegetarians who consume some animal products, such as eggs and dairy food, can add these to the diet. In the vegan diet food plans, no animal products of any kind can be consumed. Vegans may get protein from eating soybeans, lentils, and veggie burgers among other foods.

Certain medical conditions or diseases may require specific diet food plans. For instance, for those who cannot tolerate wheat products or suffer from celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is recommended. There are various recipes and lists of healthy food choices available on the Internet for those who have wheat sensitivity issues or celiac disease.


Diabetics who adhere to strict diabetic food plans may choose from various healthy options as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended in this diet plan, as is avoiding sugary additives. Fish, skinless chicken, and whole grains are other choices for a diabetic diet. Healthy choices for snacking might include a serving of almonds or walnuts. While on a diabetic diet plan, one should avoid cookies, cakes, and other foods containing sugar.

A type of diet food plan for maintaining heart health would generally be known as the super foods diet. In this plan, foods that are high in antioxidants, as well as omega-3 fatty acids are often an essential part of the diet. Whole grains, fresh fruit, and fish such as salmon may be an integral part of the super foods diet plan.

Primarily designated for weight loss, low-calorie diet food plans can help combat obesity in adults and children. For best results, a physician or dietitian should be consulted. When decreasing one's daily intake of calories, it's also essential not to compromise balanced nutrition. This can also be done by taking a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.


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