What are Different Types of Bulletin Boards?

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There are many different types of bulletin boards for specific uses. Whether you need one for commercial use or just to use at home, there is a great variety of styles available. One of the biggest differences between models may be size. Obviously, classroom bulletin boards and those used in the commercial setting tend to be larger than the types used in the home. Aside from the home, the office, and the classroom, these boards are also used in public places to give notice of special events or to advertise goods or services.

You can find public bulletin boards at many grocery stores, laundromats, and other locations throughout the community. These may be indoors or just outside the door of an establishment. They may offer consumers the chance to post their own notices. In other cases, the establishment may only offer their own announcements, utilizing enclosed boards, which may be protected by glass or Plexiglas. Some are even illuminated.

Most people think of a corkboard inside a frame when they think of a bulletin board. However, there are other types as well, such as dry erase boards and magnetic boards. There are also styles that combine these features. Those with more than one feature are also sometimes called message boards. These may offer one side made of cork for pinning up messages and an opposite side made of magnetic or dry erase material for creating new messages.


Bulletin boards are available in different colors, from the color of the cork to the color of the frame. There are also fabric covered versions, which offer the same convenience without detracting from your home or office décor. Many people make their own bulletin boards for this reason, using leftover fabrics that match other treatments in the space.

Some fabric covered bulletin boards are also treated with ribbon, which is attached to create a lattice pattern. Notes, cards, and photos can then be slipped easily beneath the ribbon. It’s quite simple to do.

Remove the frame from the board and paint it to match the fabric if desired. Cover the board with quilt batting if desired, cover with fabric, pull taught, and staple from behind. When the frame is dry, return the board to the frame and you’ll have a bulletin board that doubles as an attractive decoration.


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I commented about 5 minutes ago on bulletin boards. I think I wanted to say internet message boards. Does anyone know the difference.

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Aren't there such things as computer bulletin boards? I was ready to pay $5 to paypal to get on what the organizer said seemed to be a legal pyramid scheme. It never materialized.

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