What are Different Types of Body Wraps?

Hillary Flynn

Body wraps are fabric, plastic, or elastic bands or garments that are wrapped around the body to induce weight loss, improve the condition of skin, or remove toxins. These wraps are often used in conjunction with herbal compounds, minerals, or other substances. Clay, seaweed, mud, or lotion may also be directly applied as a wrap, without the aid of a band or garment. Body wraps are often offered as a service at a spa or beauty salon, and some choose to apply wraps at home. Many types of wraps are available, but most fall under one of three categories. These are hot sheet wraps, cocoons, and tension wraps.

Seaweed wraps are a popular body wrap.
Seaweed wraps are a popular body wrap.

Hot sheet body wraps entail dissolving a substance such as mud, herbs, or seaweed in hot water, soaking a sheet in the solution, and wrapping the client with the sheet. The intention is to increase body temperature so that perspiration will occur. This rids the body of excess water weight and allows toxins to escape through the skin. Possibilities for hot sheet substances are endless, but a coffee hot sheet wrap is one example of a popular method. It is believed that topically applied coffee decreases water retention. Other common hot sheet substances are honey, milk, and juice.

The mud treatments at some spas are designed to improve circulation and detoxify the skin.
The mud treatments at some spas are designed to improve circulation and detoxify the skin.

Cocoon body wraps require the wrap substance to be applied directly to exfoliated skin to ensure the best conditions for absorption. The substance is then sealed by wrapping the client in a plastic sheet or blanket. One popular type of cocoon wrap is the emollient wrap. This is intended to hydrate and soften the skin by applying a thick moisturizer such as Shea butter. Others may opt for an aromatherapy cocoon. This type of wrap utilizes essential oils intended to calm or invigorate. Arthritic clients are benefited by paraffin cocoons. Paraffin traps heat so that joints are warmed which, in turn, reduces joint pain and stiffness.

Some body wraps are soaked in coffee in an attempt to decrease water retention.
Some body wraps are soaked in coffee in an attempt to decrease water retention.

Tension body wraps are the third category. The goal of a tension wrap is to push excess fluid out of specific areas so that they will appear slimmer. To accomplish this, elastic bands or plastic sheets are tightly wrapped around the targeted area. As with the hot sheet wraps, this results in perspiration and fluid loss, but this is only a temporary water loss and not a permanent solution. Care must be taken with tension wraps to ensure the wrap is not too tight, as this can result in damage to blood vessels.

Emollient wraps use a thick lotion to moisturize the skin.
Emollient wraps use a thick lotion to moisturize the skin.

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My mom took me to a spa for my birthday and I had a salt scrub done and we both tried seaweed body wraps. I was really amazed at how good I felt afterwards.

What surprised me about the seaweed is that is considered one of the better detox body wraps, and is said to pull impurities from your body. While I am not sure if this is true or not, I think my skin felt really refreshed afterwards.

I would love to have more seaweed body wraps but since the spa is so expensive, I am wondering if it is easy to do at home? Does anyone have any tips on how to do body wraps cheaply and in your own bathroom?


@manykitties2 - There is nothing like a good body wrap to make you feel great and look a bit better. I have tried all kinds of herbal body wraps and have found that if you want one of the best slimming body wraps you should go with one of the cellulite body wraps. I find that the body wraps designed to smooth out cellulite really trim you down.

After I finish one of my cellulite body wraps I usually appear an inch or two smaller and my clothes look better. It only takes 45 minutes or so to see results and while they aren't permanent, you can definitely get into that pair of jeans or dress you've been missing.


Has anyone tried having slimming body wraps done at your local spa? How fast do they work and are they safe?

I have been trying to figure out a way to shed a few pounds before I go to my friend's wedding and a magazine I love suggested trying weight loss body wraps. I know that using something like a wrap to lose weight won't be a permanent solution, but I am hoping that it can trim me down enough to look good in the dress I purchased. It is just a bit snug, so if i could just drop an inch everything would be perfect.

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