What are Different Kinds of Natural Lipoma Treatments?

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Lipoma, a benign and generally harmless tumor composed of adipose tissue, does not necessarily require treatment unless the position of the tumor becomes uncomfortable or painful. Conventional approaches to lipoma treatment involve surgically removing the tumor or using steroid injections to shrink the size of the lipoma. Individuals who seek more natural treatments often use herbal treatments like chickweed and bitters like lemon juice to help shrink the tumor. Although natural methods seem less harmful than going under the knife or being injected with steroids, very little evidence has shown that they can provide effective lipoma relief.

Often, an individual will seek treatment to help remove the benign tumor because of the pain or irritation that it causes in the skin. Natural treatments may be sought as a first resort as inexpensive ways of removing, or at least shrinking, the lipoma tumor. Most herbalists recommend chickweed, either taken as a tea or applied to the tumor as an ointment. Chickweed contains high amounts of saponins, phytochemicals found in plants that have been seen to help break down fatty substances within the body.


Other natural lipoma treatments involve using herbal bitters, such as yarrow or lemon juice, to help increase digestion and influence toxin removal. Many natural therapies suggest that benign tumors are the result of the buildup of toxins within the body, so cleansing the system should help shrink the tumor. Exercise and stress management are also seen as important components in helping reduce the overall size of a tumor. Although these recommendations are natural approaches to good health, they have not been proven in clinical settings to aid in the relief of lipoma.

Conventional approaches treating lipomas include removing the tumor entirely through surgery or liposuction, as it is a fatty tissue. The recurrence of lipoma is not common after surgical removal. Sometimes, a medical professional might prescribe a series of steroid injections to help reduce the overall size of the tumor, shrinking it but not completely removing it. This can be helpful for people who don't want surgery and only want to get rid of the lipoma in their skin.


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Post 6

First, you need to go to a local health food store or call them first

ask them for turmeric powder and whatever this article prescribed. You can also buy sage. Sage is good for this.

Make one separate cream. It's this easy, you get a bowl, put a couple teaspoons of turmeric and throw in either some olive oil or water. I prefer olive oil

For the second ointment (cream means same thing), get the sage. Try get a sage powder, and please don't buy anything from a grocery store. If it's not organic, it's probably processed or has a bunch of pesticide filth.

If you're going to do this right, you buy it in the purest form you can

find, and that means organic.

Once you have created your creams, apply them as many times a day as you can. If you can only do it once, then so be it.

Let it sink in. If it starts to dry, add a bit of water -- just a tiny bit -- and keep it moist. This will help absorption. And that's it. Good luck.

Post 5

I have about fifty lipomas on my body and not have found any suitable remedies to control them. Can anyone guide me?

Post 4

I had lipomas in my neck diagnosed when I was 17 years old. I am now 60. I also had breast biopsies for abnormal tissue at 45. The doctor did a lumpectomy, and it was not cancer. Two years later, I had another biopsy for abnormal tissue in the same breast, and it not cancer. I think they found they are lipomas.

I have a lipoma inside my mouth, in my cheek. I had a biopsy and it confirmed lipoma of the cheek and some in my tongue.

I grew more lipomas in my neck throughout the years. The doctor did a hysterectomy when I was 45 years old because my Pap smear showed cancer. After the surgery, the doctor

did not order chemo or radiation. He said he got it all.

He acted strange when I questioned him. I now think it was lipoma, as I read somewhere they can be mistaken for cancer, but don't know if I read this right or not as some of my lipomas have veins and arteries inside and maybe those are the kind that mimic cancer.

Now one has grown in my arm. I moved and have new doctor I mentioned I have headaches and he had me do an MRI scan. The scan also showed tumors in my neck. He sent me for another MRI to determine if they were in my spine in my neck. They didn't show up in my spine, thank goodness. But the tumors in my neck have him worried, even though I told him what they are. Now my doctor wants me to have biopsies of them but I have had these a long time and other doctors diagnosed them as lipomas so don't see a need.

He doesn't seem to understand these lumps. He is worried about cancer because the MRI said possible cancer. He is a good doctor, but if they were cancer, I'd be dead by now. And I grow new ones. So if I had surgery (which I can't afford) wouldn't I just grow more of them? Mine don't hurt but are sometimes tender. If there is a way to get rid of them naturally I would love to know how to do it as they have caused me medical problems with all my doctors. We'll find the answer at some point.

Post 3

@turkay1, @simrin-- Yea, but surgery is expensive. I personally can't afford it because my insurance isn't covering it.

Recently, I've started drinking apple cider daily. I heard from a friend that apple cider reduces the size of lipomas and can even get rid of them. It's too soon to know if it's working or not, but I'm hopeful.

Post 2

@turkay1-- I've never been to a homeopathic doctor so I have no idea if homeopathy works or not. I'm not against natural remedies, I think that they do have the potential to help us. But you should be careful and only take herbs and supplements under the supervision of your doctor. People think that natural things can't harm them but that's not true. Herbal remedies have side effects too.

Unlike you, I only had one lipoma and it was growing rapidly so I had it removed. Surgery is not a bad treatment and mine hasn't come back. I don't know why you feel that more will appear if you get lipoma surgery.

Post 1

Has anyone tried herbal remedies and homeopathy for lipoma?

I have several lipomas in my skin and another one seems to be developing. My doctor wants to remove them but I don't think I want to do that because more will just appear.

I would prefer to use natural methods to shrink and get rid of them if possible. I've been looking up homeopathic doctors in my area, do you think homeopathy is a good idea?

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