What are Different Bruise Remedies?

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Bruising is a common skin discoloration created by an impact to the body that causes the blood vessels in the skin to break. One can treat bruises with a variety of easy at-home treatments. These can include cold compresses, warm baths and creams. Some vitamin supplements may help prevent bruises from developing.

If a bruise can be treated within an hour of the injury, some of the initial discoloration can be prevented. The best strategy for this would be to apply a cold compress to the skin for 20 to 30 minutes. Ice wrapped in a damp cloth or a bag of frozen peas can serve as effective bruise remedies in a pinch. The cold will slow circulation and prevent some of the blood from rushing into the area and creating a bruise in the first place.

Elevation of the injured area will also prevent bruising. If possible, raise the bruised part of the body above the heart level. This is easiest to accomplish with an injured foot or leg that can be propped up on pillows above the rest of the body.

To treat an existing bruise, one may want to use heat rather than cold. This will increase circulation and help the body to remove the blood that has gathered in the area. A warm bath is a relaxing way to achieve this. Also, applying a warm, damp cloth to the area can help.


In many cases, lack of proper nutrition can increase an individual's susceptibility to bruising. Vitamin C is crucial for proper prevention and healing of bruises. Increasing intake of this with a supplement may help bruises heal faster. Vitamin K is another effective bruise remedy that helps the body reabsorb the blood gathered in the bruised area. Supplements of these vitamins are useful bruise remedies.

Folk remedies for bruises advise using a variety of vegetables to ease bruising. A cabbage leaf laid over the area is said to reduce bruising. A compress of roasted onions or paste of ground mustard seed are believed to be effective bruise remedies as well. Witch hazel is a popular treatment for many wounds and injuries. To treat a bruise with witch hazel, add it to a cold or warm compress for the bruised area.

While all of these bruise remedies can help the discoloration of a bruise fade faster, they are not essential for a bruised body part. In time, bruises will heal on their own. Serious bruises that cover a large area of the body, however, should be treated by a doctor.


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Post 4

I've tried several natural bruise remedies, but I think that the best thing to do is prevent them by taking vitamin C. If you have enough of it in your diet, you won't even need a supplement.

I eat spinach every day at lunch, and it is just full of vitamin C. I also drink orange juice at breakfast, and I occasionally eat an orange.

I know that I am not lacking in this vitamin. I rarely develop bruises, and if I do, then the impact was pretty severe.

Post 3

@Oceana – I've been a little leery of vitamin E creams, because I've heard that they can cause eczema. I have had outbreaks of eczema several times in my life, and I don't want to use anything that will cause this.

I think that ice is the best home remedy for bruises that anyone can use. As long as you have access to ice within the first few minutes of your injury, it will help prevent excessive swelling and bruising.

I have had bruises in the past that I could not treat with ice right away, and they turned out to be much worse than those that did get the ice treatment. I know that it cuts down on the severity of the bruise dramatically.

Post 2

I have heard that vitamin E creams are a good home remedy for bruising. I even tried one last time that I had a dark bruise, and it did seem to make the discoloration fade more quickly.

Of course, it didn't disappear overnight. It was gradual, but I do believe it took less time to heal than it would have without the cream.

Post 1

Sometimes, even deep bruises will heal on their own. I got my knee badly bruised in a car accident, and though I did go to the emergency room to get checked for broken bones, there was nothing they could do for my bruise.

Oh, I did get strong painkillers to help me deal with it, but as far as the healing process went, my knee was basically on its own. I had been instructed to rest a lot and avoid placing weight on my knee, but there were no real treatments offered.

It took about six months, but the bruise eventually did disappear. I was able to walk again within three months without any sort of treatment or therapy.

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