What are Dianabol Side Effects?

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Dianabol side effects are numerous and the drug may have different effects on both men and women. Commonly reported effects include acne, male pattern baldness, weight fluctuations, bloating, impotence, irregular menstrual cycles, increased body hair in women, bloating, hypertension, aggressive behavior and mood changes, heart palpitations, increased appetite, liver damage, and breast formation in men. These side effects can be counteracted by using additional medications which may carry their own risks and side effects.

The use of Dianabol is most commonly seen in bodybuilders, although the practice has been outlawed in many areas. It is an anabolic steroid which inhibits testosterone production and increases cellular activity in the muscles to promote faster growth. Dianabol has been proven very effective for this purpose and it goes by the slang term “D-bol” in weightlifting circles.

Some benefits have been reported in addition to the building of muscle mass, but they have not proven beneficial enough in most cases to outweigh the tremendous Dianabol side effects. It has been shown to increase calcium in the body as a possible treatment for osteoporosis. Certain tumors have also been shown to be more responsive to radiation therapy when injected with Dianabol, although these types are rare.


One way to combat Dianabol side effects is through the use of estrogen blockers and other medications. Since Dianabol turns into a pseudo-estrogen in the body, it can cause many long-term issues for both men and women. Infertility is not uncommon, as well as impotence and reduced sex drive. Estrogen blockers and medications also have side effects which may make the use of all supplements and drugs riskier.

Liver damage is one of the most dangerous Dianabol side effects, along with potential heart problems. Dianabol is highly liver toxic, especially in those who take large dosages or who consume the steroid over a long period of time. For this reason, it is generally recommended by bodybuilding circles to restrict the use of Dianabol to no more than a few weeks.

Nearly all bodybuilding organizations and competitions have banned the use of Dianabol for muscle mass enhancement. This is also true for most professional sports organizations. Due to the strain steroids put on the heart, their use can be especially dangerous to athletes. In the rare instance that it is given by a doctor, usage should be limited and restricted to medicinal purposes only and under the direct supervision of a physician.


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Post 2

@Kat919 - No, I'm pretty sure that these days, dianabol is only used for stealth muscle building. There are better treatments now for a lot things that dianabol and other steroids used to be used for. Like they used to prescribe anabolic steroids to help children with growth problems, but now synthetic growth hormone is available.

Post 1

I've heard that anabolic steroids can have legitimate medical uses. A cousin of mine had some kind of hormone issue around puberty and was prescribed supplemental testosterone, for instance. And I used to work with a guy who had AIDS (not HIV, he was really sick) and had been prescribed steroids to combat the wasting he was experiencing.

But the article doesn't mention any medical uses for dianabol. Are there any legitimate uses for it?

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