What are Designer Pillows?

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Designer pillows offer a simple way to give your room a stylish look. Even if you can't afford designer bed linens or a top of the line couch, gorgeous accent pillows are an affordable luxury for your home. Designer pillows are often made from luscious fabrics with a high textural appeal, such as silk or velvet. Fuzzy faux fur or soft Mongolian lamb pillows are becoming increasingly popular as well.

Designer pillows often have beading, embroidery, or other special details that make them very distinctive. Some may be hand silk-screened and/or hand-sewn. Designer pillows are top quality merchandise, but the unique manufacturing process often results in small variations between pillows.

Although the accent pillows you see at mass retailers are usually a standard square shape, there is much more variation with designer pillows. Rectangular pillows, sometimes referred to as lumbar pillows, are quite popular since they can provide needed back support for an otherwise uncomfortable piece of furniture. Circular pillows, heart shaped pillows, and flower shaped pillows are available to add a touch of whimsy to any room.

Prices for decorative pillows can vary widely. While you can purchase off the shelf pillows for $10 to $20 USD, designer pillows can easily top $100 USD per pillow. If you're not overly concerned with trends, however, you can often find sales on the previous season's items when new merchandise is about to be released.


If you love the look of designer pillows, but can't afford the high price tag, you can fake the effect by customizing off the shelf pillows. Sew beads around the border of the pillow for a touch of glamour. Stitch a starburst design into the center of the pillow with colored embroidery floss for a vibrant effect. Use grosgrain ribbon to create playful fringe. If the pillow has a removable cover, try stamping a unique design onto the front for a completely customized look.

Whether you purchase pillows from an expensive boutique or customize off the shelf pillows to fake a designer look, caring for your items properly is the key to prolonging their life. Spot cleaning is usually best for small stains. Pillows with synthetic fillings and no delicate trims can normally be placed in a commercial washer and dryer to be cleaned with cold water and a mild detergent. If you're not sure whether it's safe to wash your decorative pillow at home, however, it's best to be cautious and take it in to be professionally cleaned.


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