What are Deposit Tickets?

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Deposit tickets are paper slips that are handed in at the bank, or mailed to the bank, when making a deposit of funds to a checking or savings account. They may be used for cash or check deposits, or even just transfers between accounts where the money is not physically present. Banks typically print their own customized deposit tickets, which include the name and address of the bank and typically the routing number of the bank, at minimum, in addition to other information that is filled out by the account holder.

Deposit tickets typically include a column in which the account holder will fill out information including his or her name, account number, signature, and the information regarding the funds that he is depositing. This will include a separate line for cash deposits. Each check will then be written on an individual line as well; typically, the only information required for a deposit ticket is the check number and the check amount. The customer will then add up the amount he or she is depositing and fill this out at the bottom of the deposit ticket, less any cash that he is withdrawing; people frequently use deposit tickets as a method of both depositing a certain amount of funds from a check and receiving the rest back in cash.


It is important to fill out the deposit tickets carefully; it will usually be necessary to fill out a different ticket for checking and savings accounts, and the tickets are generally labeled as such. They may also be used for making transfers between these accounts, or even between two checking accounts. The teller at the bank will verify that the amounts listed on the deposit ticket match the amounts on the actual check, or the amount being given in cash, before making the deposit. The deposit tickets will then be kept by the bank and the customer will be given a deposit receipt in exchange, showing the date and the amount of the deposit; be sure to check that this is correct before leaving the bank.

Most banks will also offer customized deposit tickets to the banking customers. These will often come with an order of personal checks, and will simply be pre-printed deposit slips that contain the customer's name and address, as well as the account number. This can help to save some time when filling out the deposit slips, since the only information needed will be the amount and types of funds being deposited.


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Post 2

I wonder how many people know that banks also keep blank deposit tickets in their offices, and you can also ask for them at the drive-through window.

You will need your bank account number, but at least if you're out of deposit slips, the bank will have them available. Most banks have an island in the lobby of the office that will have a place for people to fill out paperwork, along with slots that have various forms, including the deposit slips.

I mention this because people who have always had their checks on direct deposit and who use debit cars most of the time might not have had to fill out a deposit slip before. I work with some early 20s kids and had to show them how to fill out a deposit slip so they could put their bonus checks in the bank!

Post 1

Usually, you get a certain number of blank deposit tickets in each book when you order checks.

You can also order a box of nothing but deposit tickets. I did that before my employer started doing direct deposit. We certainly did appreciate it when we stopped having to deposit our checks every two weeks! That ran into some money, where deposit tickets were concerned!

Most places that print checks also have an option to order extra deposit tickets from them. I do all that online, so it makes it very easy. My bank charges way too much for checks, so I just order them from a separate company.

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