What are Decoupage Sheets?

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Decoupage sheets are papers or printable sheets that have images suitable for decorating surfaces using decoupage techniques. Decoupage sheets are most often used by paper artists and decorative painters, but crafters of all types can find uses for these colorful paper cutouts. Most decoupage sheets have a single theme or style and offer images of varying sizes so that the right piece can be chosen for any surface. Common themes include angels, Victorian images, vintage advertising images, wildlife and holiday images.

The colorful paper images that make up decoupage sheets are meant to be cut out and applied to another surface. Crafters use small, sharp scissors to cut carefully around the image, preserving any small details. The image is then glued onto another item to accent and decorate it. Depending on the type of adhesive used, paper cutouts can be used to add a decorative element to paper, wood, plastic, metal or glass. After the paper cutout is adhered and dry, a final coat of sealer will be applied to preserve and protect the image.


There are several styles of decoupage sheets. The most common form features colorful images arranged on a plain white background, with room to cut around each image. Other decoupage sheets are die-cut and are held to the base paper only by a few easily snipped tabs. Some images can be purchased on compact disc (CD) or in digital form, so they can be altered before use. Colored paper cutouts or die-cuts can be used for decoupage as well, though they do not come in full-sheet sizes.

Scrapbook boutiques, paper crafting stores and general art supply stores all stock a variety of decoupage sheets from which crafters can choose. Books about decoupage are generally accompanied by a printed sheet of designs or CD with images to complete the projects detailed inside. Decoupage sheets can be found online as well, either from individual artists or from online paper craft supply stores.

Decoupage kits are ideal for beginners because they usually come with everything needed to get started with the craft. Kits usually include a decoupage sheet or two, adhesive, sealer and a foam brush for the crafter to use to apply the image. Some kits come with scissors, but manicure or needlework scissors can be used as well. Most kits do not include a design surface to work on, but a simple wood box or tile makes a great first decoupage project for beginners.


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Post 4

@ceilingcat - That's cool your grandma saved your moms decoupaged purse. I've never seen such a thing, but I bet it was stylish at the time your mom made it!

I'm always amazed at how technology changes everything, even arts and crafts! I bet it's so much easier to get the images on CD and print them out yourself. I knit, and one of the things I struggle with is storage space! If I could store my supplies digitally it would be so much better!

Post 3

My mom used to do decoupage in the 70s when it was pretty popular. I know they didn't have decoupage sheets on CD's back then though!

From what my mom told me, she would go to her local craft store and stock up on decoupage sheets and the other supplies she needed to do decoupage. My grandmother actually still has a wooden purse that my mom decoupaged when she was a teenager! Obviously no one uses it anymore, but I'm glad they kept it!

Post 2

My wife and I have been looking at decoupage sheets for awhile, as she is looking to stock up on card making supplies. She really like the card making kids you buy in the store, but they just never seem to have everything she wants in it.

Has anyone had any luck in finding free decoupage sheets? Do you know if it is possible to print some off?

All the decoupage sheets we see in the store are a bit expensive, especially ones like the 3D decoupage sheets. We don't really want anything fancy, and are just really looking for a retro look that would be great for a dinner party.

Post 1

I have always loved decoupage sheets because they come in so many varieties and they make it really easy to make beautiful crafts. I just recently got into card making and card making supplies are OK by themselves, but I find decoupaging the cards makes for a look that is truly unique.

Car making kids usually don't come with decoupage sheets or glue, so you need to make sure you have all the things you need before you start out. I find if you ask at a craft store they can point you in the right direction when it comes to card making ideas.

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