What are Dance Fitness Classes?

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Choosing the right fitness plan can mean the difference between reaching fitness goals and failing. Many people are guilty of making a commitment to an exercise routine and then giving up. Dance fitness classes might provide a solution for those looking for an exercise plan they can stick with, because they can be fun and are less likely to become monotonous than some other fitness routines are. Dance fitness classes are designed to burn calories and tone muscles while the participants move to music.

Zumba is a dance fitness program that uses interval and resistance training. This combination of low-tempo and high-tempo moves set to music can burn calories and build muscle for a total body workout. This style of dance fitness class combines many Latin dances, including the salsa, the meringue and the mambo. There are different zumba classes available that are tailored to meet the needs of everyone, from beginners to advanced students.

There was a time when pole dancing was taboo, but with the growing popularity of dance fitness classes, it moved into the mainstream. Pole dancing classes incorporate many types of dancing styles. There also is strength and resistance in pole dancing, because students can use the pole to lift some or all of their body weight. Pole dancing can increase both strength and flexibility and, depending on the tempo, also can improve cardiovascular health.


Ballroom dancing is another style of dancing fitness class that has gained in popularity because of reality television shows on which celebrities participate in dancing competitions. Contestants on these shows usually lose weight and look great when the competitions are over, not to mention that the professional dancers who train the contestants are extremely physically fit. Finding ballroom classes can be more difficult because they are offered only at dance studios, but taking ballroom dancing classes is one way to improve fitness.

Another dance that is rising in dance fitness popularity is belly dancing. Belly dancing classes improve posture, tone muscles and burn calories. The movement involved in belly dances works the core muscles, which increases strength of the abdominal region — a spot that many people want to target when losing weight. Many people also credit belly dancing with helping them gain confidence and feel more comfortable with their bodies.

Hip-hop dancing originated in the United States' African-American and Latino communities in the 1970s and has since become an accepted form of dance all over the world. Dance fitness classes using hip-hop choreography provide participants with strength and cardiovascular training while dancing to popular music. Hip-hop fitness classes use a variety of dance styles, including break dancing, popping and locking.

Dance fitness classes are accessible to everyone because they can be done at home using instructional videos or at a health club with an instructor. Dancing is a creative art form and because of this, new dance fitness classes are emerging all the time. Choosing a class with the right movement and music can help someone who wants to become more physically fit achieve that goal.


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Post 2

I know a diabetes patient who has always found it difficult to control her weight. With this disease, it is doubly important that she keeps her weight down.

She doesn't like to exercise, and as she says, she loves to eat. However, since she discovered dance classes, her opinion on exercise has changed for the better. By taking three classes a week and walking, she has managed to get her weight under control.

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Dance group fitness classes are extremely popular at my health club at the moment. They have surpassed spinning as the most requested classes on the schedule. The classes appear to be particularly popular with senior members at the fitness center.

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