What are Customized Pens?

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Consider how many times a day you pick up a pen, and you'll quickly see why customized pens can serve your business as an invaluable marketing tool.

Customized pens, also called promotional pens, can be printed with a company name and logo, address and phone number. Depending on the thickness of the pen, the customer may have a choice of 4-6 lines of text and sufficient character length for vital information. Logos can also be printed on the pen, though this may reduce the number of lines available for text.

Customized pens are highly affordable, with many types of pens starting out at less that forty US cents each, for quantities as low as 250. As with most custom items, the more pens ordered, the lower the price. Standard customized pens are screen printed in one ink color, though additional colors are available at an additional cost.

Customized pens, being useful utensils, are great tools for getting your company name and logo out in the marketplace and in the hands of prospective customers or clients. Aside from being available in-house for staff, they can be enclosed in shipments to keep your company name active in the customer's environment, encouraging repeat business. They can be given away at promotional shows, symposiums, and conventions - and even used as mass marketing tools.


Vendors offer a boundless array of customized pens, from ballpoint to fountain, plastic to enamel, silver to gold. Depending on the type of business being promoted, the style and quality of pen is important. It may seem that only expensive pens will create a good impression, but this isn't necessarily the case. A highly successful construction company, for example, might want to pick a good plastic utility pen that does the job without waste. Receiving expensive-looking customized pens from a contractor could make potential clients suspect they will be overcharged for unnecessary bells and whistles on the job.

Conversely, a law firm looking to build a clientele in an upscale area might want sharp looking customized pens, such as chrome plated pens, upwards of $20 each. These pens would be given away strategically to build business, rather than direct mailed to blind targets. A chrome-plated pen suggests that the firm is a class act, and spares no expense to serve its clients.

To continue with the example, a firm targeting a solid middle-class clientele might scare potential clients away by choosing such flashy customized pens. In this case rosewood roller balls at about $5 each might make the right statement; tasteful and impressive. And finally, the law office catering to economic-minded blue-collar workers might want quality plastic customized pens that send the message, you can afford me and I'll do a good job!

Customized pens should write smoothly, no matter their cost. Pens that skip, run, or are otherwise difficult, will generate frustrations linked to the name on the pen, rather than its manufacturer. Most vendors that offer customized pens will be happy to send potential customers a few free samples. A smooth writing pen is a pleasure to use and the positive association will keep your company name in good stead in the mind of the user.

Customized pens are a great, inexpensive way to keep your advertising dollars working for you 24/7. They find their way into homes, offices and public areas that were never targeted, expanding visibility of your company name, address, phone number and logo. Their extended usefulness, high mobility, and high demand make them an excellent choice to work into any promotional budget.

Companies that provide promotional or customized pens can be found online using any search engine.


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