What are Custom Postcards?

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Custom postcards are postcards which have been customized either by or for a particular individual. A number of printing firms offer customized postcards, and stationery stores often sell supplies for making postcards at home, for people who want to customize their own postcards. There are a wide range of uses for customized postcards, ranging from reminders to go to the dentist to a friendly greeting card with a personalized twist.

Postcards are flat cards made from stiff cardstock or cardboard. They are designed to go through the mail without an envelope, and they cost less to mail than a traditional card. Post offices often have specific regulations about the size of a postcard, so people who are making their own from scratch may want to check with their local post office about the legal size of a postcard, to avoid paying extra postage for an irregularly sized item.

When companies print custom postcards for consumers, they print a message or image on the front, and prepare the back for mailing, with a space for the address and stamp. The card can be left blank for a personal message, or a prepared message can be printed on the card. Lower cost custom postcards have only one side, with a brief message and space for an address. Custom printing is often used to send out greeting cards for the holidays, reminders about appointments, and similar information.


For custom postcards at home, there are several options which can be used. Kits with perforated paper which tears down to the proper size can be run through a printer, with both blank versions and versions with a prepared back being available. It is also possible to find custom postcard kits made from photo paper for people who want to make photo cards, or art paper, for people who would like to send out custom watercolors, ink drawings, charcoals, and so forth as postcards.

Sending custom postcards can be a a good business tactic, in the case of firms which use them for marketing, because they do not cost very much to mail, and customers often appreciate personalized greetings and reminders. For individuals, a custom postcard can be a nice way to send a greeting which includes a personal touch to someone without spending a great deal of money. Custom postcards made by hand, especially cards with hand-drawn art, may be treasured by their recipients.


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You can make your own postcards at home. There are several different types of software that you can use to design your postcards.

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