What are Custom Lapel Pins?

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Many men limit their jewelry and accessories to the occasional ring or tie clasp, but some have also embraced the use of custom lapel pins. Such pins are usually placed on the upper part of the suit jacket's lapels, preferably near an outer seam. They do not penetrate through the entire lapel and jacket, in the sense of a tie pin, but instead, slide through only the flap of the lapel, and a backing clasp holds the pin in place.

Custom lapel pins may be commissioned by organizations as a means to identify members or promote the ideals of the group. The Boy Scouts of America, for example, may create lapel pins for scoutmasters when they are out of uniform. The familiar Boy Scout symbol lets others know that the wearer is a recognized member of that organization. Some groups also add different elements to their pins, such as rank chevrons or titles.

Other custom pins may designate religious affiliation, such as the familiar cross and flame symbol used by the Methodist denomination. Different religions or denominations may create ones with crucifixes, Stars of David, crescents, or zen symbols. In addition, a church may order custom lapel pins for staff members, ushers, or elders to help visitors recognize those in leadership roles. Many social organizations purchase them as tokens of gratitude for deserving members.


Ordering custom lapel pins may be as simple as placing an order through mail order catalogs or online. The same companies that specialize in custom pens or jewelry may also carry lines of lapel pins. For religious jewelry, a church or synagogue may have access to catalogs specializing in such items. Large organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America or the United Way may already have a supply available for purchase by individual chapters.


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@talentryto- That is a good point. Custom lapel pins also can be made in any form, color, and size. Many print and sign companies often make these pins, so these types of companies are great places to begin looking to place your customized order.

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I think that custom lapel pins make a nice gift for any organization to give to their helpers. They are affordable, and provide a nice keepsake to remind people about all of the hard work they have done.

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