What are Custom Condoms?

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Custom condoms are ordered in a certain size, color, or customized packaging. When ordered with a specific color and packaging label design, they are normally used for promotional purposes. People who purchase custom condoms with size in mind are usually looking for a better fit than store-bought condoms can offer. Either way, custom condoms typically are more expensive than condoms bought off the shelf when not ordered in bulk.

Companies that accept promotional condom orders often allow the customer to choose both the color of the condom and the label on the packaging. The possible colors vary, ranging from fluorescent pink to black. Condom packaging, commonly called the condom wrapper, is an integral part of promotional custom condoms as well. Customers can design the label based on their preferences, usually including the company name, logo or phone number. These customers are as varied as the condoms themselves, from managers promoting nightclubs to schools advocating safe sex among teenagers.

Websites that sell custom-fit condoms usually give specific instructions on how to measure the penis. Some even offer printable rulers for this purpose. Once the proper size is determined, the customer can choose his preferred material and generic artwork for the packaging. Custom fit condoms can be more comfortable and less prone to slipping or tearing than condoms made to fit a wide range of sizes. Due to this, many believe that custom condoms have a lower chance of failure.


Like condoms with custom labels, custom-fit condoms are usually more expensive than condoms found in chain retail stores. The price often becomes cheaper with bulk orders; for example, one dozen condoms might cost 20% more per condom than 12 dozen condoms. Ordering in bulk usually can bring the price down enough to match the cost of mass-produced condoms found in drug stores. When placing large bulk orders, the expiration date should be kept in mind, along with how quickly the condoms will be used.

It is uncommon for a business offering personalized condoms to offer both customized wrappers and a customized fit. Most companies specialize in one or the other. In fact, companies that offer custom labeled condoms usually have other promotional items for sale, such as coffee mugs and t-shirts. Sometimes they offer to do the artwork for an additional price. Businesses that sell condoms with a custom fit tend to only sell items related to sex, such as lubrication, toys, and massage tools.


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