What are Curriculum Worksheets?

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Curriculum worksheets are documents that detail when and what coursework should be completed in order to achieve a specific goal. The goal can be anything, but is most often a degree or a diploma from an educational institution. Curriculum worksheets are found in many places, including universities, high schools, and continuing education facilities. They are usually freely available to anyone interested.

Basic curriculum worksheets are very simple documents that present information in a straightforward manner. The majority of the information is in a table format with a course name or concept objective in one column and the amount of time it takes to complete in another. This information will be further grouped by a specific unit of time such as a year, semester, quarter, or hour. For example, a curriculum worksheet for bachelor’s degree in accounting might have a section marked “Suggested First Semester” with the following courses listed: Accounting 101 – 3, Economics 101 – 3, English 101 - 3, Pre-Calculus - 4, Electives – 3. This suggests the courses and total credit hours (16 semester hours) that the students should take during their first semester as an accounting major.


The point of a curriculum worksheet is to both clearly state the educational requirements for a goal and to give the user an easy way to understand how to achieve the objective. A high school student using a curriculum sheet can see what courses are needed to graduate with a diploma and when those courses should be completed. Curriculum worksheets can even be saved and used as check-off lists, allowing the student to know exactly how much they have achieved towards their final goal.

Curriculum worksheets can also be developed for educators. Educational institutions often publish worksheets detailing whICH concepts students should be learning and when – these are a form of curriculum worksheet. Educators are then expected to take the information presented and incorporate it into the lesson plans they create, making sure to meet the time objectives listed on the worksheet.

Curriculum worksheets are easy to find. They are usually distributed by advisors and guidance councilors during advising sessions. Most college department offices and high school advising centers will have stacks of additional worksheets available for the asking. Many institutions also put their information online.


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