What Are Curly Dreadlocks?

Donna Tinus

Curly dreadlocks are dreads that the wearer styles in a curly style. The dreadlocks wearer may use curlers, or other similar items, to curl the dreads temporarily. Short dreadlocks lend themselves easily to a sweet, curly style. Longer dreadlocks can curl, but they can often present more of a challenge to style, depending on the length of the hair. Some women with dreadlocks add extensions to their own natural hair, then only curl the ends, leaving a kinky, curly look.

A long curly dreadlocks style offers bounce and femininity to traditional dreadlocks.
A long curly dreadlocks style offers bounce and femininity to traditional dreadlocks.

Adding a lock-and-hold hair gel to the damp hair helps to keep the shape of the curly dreadlocks. For a loose curl appropriate for long hair, the dreadlocks are then rolled around sponge rollers, which are soft and easy to sleep in. Flexirods or perm rods create tight curls that will frame the woman's face if she has short dreadlocks. These curls dry best under a hair dryer, or using a blow dryer, since they are small, hard rods that are difficult to sleep in. Chenille rods create the tightest curl and look best on short hair.

A long curly dreadlocks style offers additional bounce and femininity to the traditional dreadlocks and creates a whole new look. This is a great way to dress up dreadlocks for a night on the town. For a formal or semi-formal occasion, piling the hair up on the top of the head in an updo, then allowing some of it to hang in a curly style creates a lovely appearance. Adding a headband or sparkly hair clip finishes the dressy look.

Curly kinky twists are a style of curly dreadlocks that utilize extensions of real or synthetic hair added to the wearer's own hair. The hair is sectioned, and the extensions are braided in close to the scalp. The hair is then covered with a lock-and-hold hair gel, then twisted.

After the hair is twisted and back combed into dreadlocks, the bottom half of the kinky twisted dreadlocks is wrapped around a curler or perm rod. The wearer dips her head into a cup of hot water, holding it there for a few minutes. After the hair dries, and the curlers are removed, the wearer has an alluring head of soft curls. This is a quick way to get curly dreadlocks without having to grow the dreads, and spend months waiting for them to lock in place.

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