What are Cremation Lockets?

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Cremation lockets are a new way of memorializing the passing of a loved one. The lockets can be made of different materials ranging from glass to metal and come in a variety of shapes. The most popular shapes are the heart and the cross. They can be attached to a charm bracelet, or worn as a pin or as a pendant. Men can attach them to a key fob or pocket watch chain.

As more and more people are choosing to be cremated, those left behind are looking for new and different ways of keeping their loved ones close other than in an urn on a mantle. Many who choose cremation are no longer satisfied with the old options of scattering the ashes or burial. These people are instead bequeathing or purchasing lockets that will hold a small amount of the ashes inside for family, friends and other relatives.

Cremation lockets are not cheap ranging in price from around $70.00 to more than $1,000.00 for solid gold. Many online companies are manufacturing these lockets and they may be available at your local funeral home as well.

The lockets are also available for the remains of beloved pets and come in shapes such as food dishes, paws and other animal shapes.


Cremation lockets are not the first piece of jewelry used to remember a departed loved one. During Victorian times, jewelry was crafted from the hair of the deceased loved one. This jewelry, known as mourning pieces, is highly collectible today depending on the intricacy of the weaving.

From Edwardian times, mourning rings were worn by the aristocratic classes to show their high status. The richer the man, the more elaborate the ring that was bequeathed to those who remained alive. They were generally given out at the funeral of the deceased.

In the future, a new technology is being developed that creates a synthetic diamond from the cremated ashes. Still in early development, the stones are currently available in the color blue and carry a price tag of over two thousand dollars.


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