What are Credit Card Tools?

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Credit card tools are tools that are approximately the same surface area of a credit card, but have slightly more width. This multi tool is touted as an alternative to the classic Swiss army knife, but many have customized features depending on their primary use. Most credit card tools have a number of useful tools that can be utilized in a variety of situations.

In some cases, a credit card tool has parts that can be pulled off and used as a standalone piece. For example, screwdrivers may be hard to use when on the end of such a thin tool. However, giving it the ability to be pulled off and used more naturally will increase its functionality.

One manufacturer of credit card tools offers a number of variations around the theme. These tools can include a number of different items, depending on the situation. Some may not include knives at all. Others will include a small knife as part of a much larger package.


For example, one credit card tool caters specifically to those who play golf, a sport which requires specific equipment and accessories. These credit card tools have a divot repair tool to replace any indentations caused by the ball landing on the green. Also, a ball mark is included to keep track of where golf balls are on the green in case they need to be picked up. In addition, there is a pen for keeping score, a scraper for golf club faces and a grip rest to keep grips off the ground -- all on a tool the size of a credit card.

Some of the credit card tools even come with a flashlight and a clip-on piece so that the tool can be clipped to a number of flat surfaces, including the brim of a hat. This could be very convenient for those who are in dark spaces but need their hands free for other purposes. In some cases, it may even be able to replace a head lamp. Tools with a light often require a small battery, or pair of small batteries, such as those found in watches. Usually, a set is included with the purchase.

As multi tools go, credit card tools are fairly reasonably priced. Most start at approximately $10 US Dollars (USD). Depending on the models and features included, they can go up to $30 USD or more. Most come with a guarantee of workmanship, which guarantees they will be free from any manufacturing defects.


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