What are Craft Shows?

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Craft shows are events where people who engage in the creation of various types of crafts are allowed to display their work, usually for sale. The defining mark of a craft show is that the items that are offered for sale are original and hand made. A wide range of homemade items may be available at any craft show, although it is not unusual for a given show to focus on a particular type of crafts.

A crafts show provides a simple and relatively inexpensive way for artists to sell crafts to the general public. Often, craft shows are scheduled for a time of the week when more people are likely to be available to shop, such as on a weekend. The individual who wishes to sell crafts normally pays a set fee in exchange for being allowed to participate in the show. Each craftsperson is assigned a specific geographic location in the general layout of the craft show area and allowed to display their wares in any way they wish.


For people who wish to make home crafts in their spare time and then enjoy selling crafts at their leisure, craft shows are an ideal fit. Unlike setting up a booth at a flea market or placing items on consignment at local shops, craft shows are relatively simple and do not involve a great deal of time. The creator of the crafts simply signs up to participate in the show, pays the fee and transports the crafts to the show in time to set them in place before the show is opened to the public. At the end of the show, any items that have not sold are packed up and transported home. Because there is no long term commitment, the individual can participate in as few or as many different craft shows as he or she desires.

People who like to buy original items also benefit from attending craft shows. The range of items is often broad, making it possible to purchase unique items for personal use, as well as for gifts. Crafts may include homemade soaps, pillows, blankets and other types of bedding, and even toys. Decorating accents for the home, such as wreaths, unique picture frames and iron cast wall hangings are not uncommon items at craft shows. Because the crafts are not mass produced, buyers can enjoy purchasing items that are not widely available at other venues.

Buying and selling crafts at a show is relatively common to many towns and cities around the world. The activity provides a simple and fun way to make some money from hobbies and interests, as well as making it possible to purchase items that are different from commercial products. Craft shows normally have a relaxed atmosphere that makes them restful as well as interesting to everyone involved.


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