What are Cordless Speakers?

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Cordless speakers provide a wireless way to enjoy music, radio, television, DVD or compact disk players. While standard speakers require speaker cable running to each speaker, cordless speakers receive audio signals wirelessly using radio wave technology. Cordless speakers can augment a wired speaker sound system, or can be used independently.

Cordless speakers come with a transmitter which sits on or next to the unit that is generating the audio signal. The transmitter sends the audio signal out via radio waves that are picked up by small receivers located within the cordless speakers. Each speaker also contains an amplifier to boost output. The amplifier requires battery power or an optional power adapter that plugs into an AC wall outlet.

Though using the AC-powered option on cordless speakers does not make the speakers totally cordless, it does eliminate the need in most cases to run speaker wire across floors or through walls. The battery option is handy for taking cordless speakers out by the pool, the barbecue, or on a balcony or deck. Though cordless speakers vary in specifications, the average model can transmit up to about 328 feet (100 meters) outdoors, and roughly 100-130 feet (~30-40 meters) indoors when traveling through walls or ceilings and floors.


Since cordless speakers contain their own amplifiers, they generally feature volume control. Bass, boost and other basic auditory enhancements might also be incorporated in the speaker cabinet. Speakers are generally modest in size and sound quality varies with brand and model.

There are many advantages to cordless speakers. They can be utilized as rear speakers in a surround entertainment system, eliminating the need to run speaker cable across a wood floor. They can be used to listen to MP3 players and portable CD players. They’re also great for moving around the house as you work. They can go from the kitchen, to the basement, to the laundry room and garage. The central stereo system need not be turned up full blast to cover the entire house.

Disadvantages can include a less robust sound for audiophiles, and possible interference from surrounding electronic devices. If using cordless speakers with batteries to be completely cord-free, the cost of replacement batteries can add up.

However, used shrewdly, cordless speakers can be a great asset to anyone’s entertainment setup. They can provide mobile music almost anywhere in the home or yard and are reasonably priced. Cordless speakers are available in retail stores and online at most outlets that sell electronic equipment.


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Post 3

If you love your music are cordless speakers really as good as standard speakers? Also, if you want surround sound, can cordless speakers give you that effect?

I just purchased a new MP3 player and have loaded it up with all of my favorite music. I really want to pick up some speakers that are easy to move around and don't require me to get tangled in extra cords if I want to move my MP3 player around the apartment. Right now cordless speakers are sounding like a good bet, but I am just worried that the sound won't be very good.

Post 2

Investing in a set of small cordless speakers is a great idea if you travel a lot and like to take your computer along with you to watch movies and listen to music. I found that the speakers on my laptop just weren't strong enough to really get good sound.

A pair of cordless speakers solved the problem of my poor laptop sound and didn't require much effort from me to purchase. I went to my local computer store and asked what they had available for travelers and they clerk there showed me straight to a pair of on-sale cordless speakers. I am still really happy with the purchase.

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simple and very useful article.

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