What are Cordless Lamps?

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Cordless lamps are lighting devices that do not make use of an electrical cord to establish contact with a power source. While cordless lighting options of this type are often associated with camping or emergency equipment, a cordless lamp can also be a practical and decorative element around the house.

Modern lamps come in a variety of designs. For home use, cordless table lamps have become very popular options. These simple lamps may be configured to look like a standard table lamp, complete with a shade. They function with the use of a rechargeable battery pack that is located in the lamp base. Cordless lamps of this type are great for use in entryways or halls where an electrical outlet is not conveniently located. Small cordless lamps can also be used as a way of adding a bit of accent lighting in or around bookshelves or a small nook in a larger room.

Along with table models, floor length battery operated lamps are also available. As with other decorative lamps, these tall cordless lamps are ideal for use in corners where outlets are not strategically placed. In addition, they work very well when it comes to illuminating patios for an evening party. As long as the batteries are kept charged, the devices will put out an amount of light that is comparable to the output of corded lamps.


People who enjoy camping know the value of taking along one or two cordless lamps. Unlike home models, camping lamps are often made of sturdy plastic or metal bodies. Like the home models, camping lamps operate on batteries. These lamps can be used safely in tents, cabins, or as part of the process of lighting the campsite at night. Best of all, they store away with little effort between uses and require very little maintenance.

Basic cordless lamps can be found at many sporting goods stores that carry camping equipment. Some lawn and garden shops will sell versions that are ideal for outdoor use around the house. Decorating boutiques and some upscale furniture stores will provide a number of options when it comes to cordless lamps designed for use in the home. Pricing often depends on the purpose and design of the lamp, along with the materials used to create the base of the appliance.


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You can find beautiful cordless, rechargeable table lamps online!

Post 2

I have a new kitten who likes to chew on cords. Looking for in the home cordless lamps. These websites are confusing. Mainly table top lamps and desk lamps.

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Decorative cordless lamps, the type you would like to use in your living room or den, are impossible to find! Our contractor "forgot" to put floor plugs in our new home which has heated flooring throughout. We don't want lamp cords and extension cords strewn throughtout our living area not only for the aesthetic value but also the issue of safety is top-most. I cannot find these types of lamps. Please help if you know of anywhere I might find cordless decorative table lamps.

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