What are Container Candles?

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Container candles are candles which are sold in containers such as jars and tins. The candles are molded directly inside the containers, and they are designed to be stored and burned in their original containers. There are a number of reasons to use container candles, ranging from aesthetics to safety concerns, and most stores which stock candles carry an array of container candles as well. It is also possible to make container candles at home, using a variety of materials as containers.

Many companies sell scented and citronella candles in containers such as tins and jars. Scented container candles often have lids which keep the scent under wraps until people want to light the candles; the lids also make it easier to transport the candles. Without lids, scented candles can become cloying or overwhelming when they are not in use, and the scent may transfer to surrounding objects, which can be irritating. In the case of citronella candles, this can be quite useful, as lids make it easy to throw a few tins of citronella candles into a camping bag for a trip.


Candle companies with an ecological focus sell their candles in containers made from recycled materials to eliminate packaging. Especially when made with soy wax, such candles are also cleaner burning, making them a good choice for consumers who are concerned about the environment. The containers can be re-used for other things, or even used as molds for new candles, as blocks of candle wax are readily available at places like craft stores.

Container candles tend to be safer to burn, because of their self-contained nature, and the containers are designed to cope with the heat of the burning. They are also very stable and less likely to tip over than tapers, which can be ad advantage at more boisterous events or outdoor parties. For people who want to burn candles as safely as possible, container candles are one of the better candle choices.

There is also a certain aesthetic to container candles which some people find pleasant. Container candles can be found in a wide variety of packaging, including glass, wood, and metal, and the containers may be wide, narrow, short, or tall, depending on the style; some manufacturers even make containers in fanciful shapes like leaves and stars to make the candles into works of art as well as sources of light.


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