What are Concrete Paving Flags?

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Concrete paving flags are one of the many options available for paving driveway or walkway surfaces. These blocks of cement can be poured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs to help facilitate and customize each paving project. Many people choose them because they are widely available, versatile, convenient, durable, and relatively inexpensive.

One of the greatest advantages of using concrete paving flags is that a huge range of style options are readily available. Cement pavers are easy to find in most hardware or home improvement stores, and many of these retailers stock several different styles. They can be tinted a variety of colors; cast into shapes, ranging from simple rectangles to octagons; and are available in different sizes, which makes them a very versatile paving material. Generally, it is not difficult to find a size, color, shape, or pattern that suits the taste of the consumer and environment in which the blocks will be installed.

Another characteristic of concrete paving flags is convenience. Pouring cement or asphalt paving can require laying framework structures, is potentially very messy, and often requires the assistance of professionals. Pre-formed pavers are ready to install straight from the store and require less prep work than other paving methods. The nature of the geometrically cut pavers facilitates precise installation, whether the surface is a full driveway, a patio, or a small walkway.


Certain varieties of concrete paving flags are even more convenient than others because they multi-task as drainage systems. Permeable concrete pavers are made with porous cement that allows rainwater to slip through tiny holes in the surface into the ground below. Individuals who are concerned about excess rainwater runoff can use permeable concrete pavers to prevent flooding.

Generally, cement paving blocks are durable and will last a long time. Driveways paved with concrete paving flags are strong enough to hold cars without cracking and are resistant to heavy foot traffic. To make sure concrete paving stays in the best shape possible, an extra step may be taken to seal the blocks. Sealing the flags prevents wear and protects from stains, further increasing their durability.

Compared to other paving materials, concrete paving flags are typically inexpensive. Clay paving bricks can sometimes be even stronger than cement, but are often more costly per block. Using concrete blocks allows the same versatility and creativity but does less financial damage.


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