What Are Common Struts Interview Questions?

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Struts is a type of software framework that is designed to save computer programmers time. The most common Struts interview questions pertain to how this framework is used to build screens for a software application and on the special routines, called actions, that Struts uses to capture the user's requests.

Design patterns are well-defined computer techniques used for building software. Struts uses a design pattern called Model-View-Controller (MVC). Struts interview questions often include a few generic questions on how MVC is used in a Struts application. It is important to understand which parts of the framework handle the model, view, and controller aspects of the program.

A Struts program also heavily uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) files to handle the screen navigation flow. Many Struts interview questions focus on the candidate’s ability to explain how XML files are used. The programmer should be able to explain how this framework uses XML files to handle screen flow and error handling.

An interview about Struts will also usually include questions about the controller module, which is responsible for coordinating activity between the screens (view) and the business logic (model) of the system. Creating action classes that handle specific requests from individual screens is how this is done. There are typically a few Struts interview questions around how action classes are used in an application. It is important to remember it is the controller portion of the software.


The Model is the programming logic that validates the data entered on the computer screen. A Struts interview also includes several questions on the model portion of the system. It is important to know how the model is used to capture errors in the software. This should include special error screens that display error messages to the user.

Struts uses several templates to help the developer build software. There are several Struts interview questions on the topic of reusing Struts templates. The candidate should have a good understanding of the basic design of a Struts applications and be able to explain how these can be reused to reduce development time.

Preparing for a Struts job interview requires some diligent study and hands on practice. Struts documentation and software can be downloaded for free from the Internet. A person preparing for an interview should download the software and become familiar with the technical aspects required to use the framework.

There are also several Struts tutorials available for free on the Internet. These tutorials provide good examples and hands on practice that teach a person how to build Struts based applications. When preparing for a job interview it is important to be confident and knowledgeable with the material. These tutorials provide good reference material for questions that may be asked during an interview.


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