What are Common Side Effects of Collagen Lip Injections?

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In the field of cosmetic dermatology, collagen lip injections are a popular way to give patients fuller lips as part of an emphasis on changing facial areas to alter an individual’s appearance. In addition to actual collagen, there are a number of other materials and treatments that a patient can choose from for lip injections. Many of these treatments have similar benefits and side effects, although specific results may vary. Some “dermal fillers” used for lip injections are more natural than others, and promote collagen in different ways.

Some patients choose a more natural material for collagen lip injections. Some natural types of dermal fillers are made from types of hylauronic acid, an avian product. Others are synthetic fillers that may not break down as well in the body. Poor choices of filler have been associated with occasional painful lumps in the lip area.

Some of the most common side effects of collagen injections are instances where lips swell or bruise after treatment. There can also be bruising around the sides of the mouth, depending on the material that is used, and the method of injection, as well as how the body handles the foreign material. Some patients can be allergic to some aspects of the treatment, and that can cause excessive swelling or related side effects.


Other side effects of collagen lip injections can include redness or itchiness of the skin. More serious painful or itching sensations, as well as severe discoloration, should be looked at by a doctor as soon as possible after the patient notices symptoms. Some complications of these types of lip injections can require follow-up medical care. A doctor may even schedule a routine follow-up visit to assess the results of their lip injection treatment.

Although collagen injections are not an extremely invasive procedure, they do involve going below the skin, and as a somewhat invasive treatment, they are done in the office of a qualified dermatologist. Although minor side effects of this process can sometimes be relieved by ice packs or other home remedies, patients should go back to their doctor if persistent symptoms develop. It’s generally not a good idea to ignore the warning signs of complications from this process, which could cause a patient long-term harm. Consult a doctor before selecting one of these treatments to talk about candidacy for collagen lip injections, and what kinds of potential side effects may result.


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Post 3

@literally45-- Unfortunately, infections are a possibility with all cosmetic injections. Sometimes it's the doctor's fault, sometimes it's not.

I also developed an infection after my lip collagen injections. I had to take a course of antibiotics and it cleared up after that. Some people are forced to have the fillers removed due to infection. Thankfully, I didn't have to do that.

Post 2
@literally45 -- Do you know what type of collagen was used?

Collagen fillers can be made of different types of collagen. I'm not sure if these are still in use but bovine collagen, which is made from cows, can cause allergies in some people. I think most doctors are now using collagen injections made from pig collagen for this reason.

Also, most doctors will do an allergy test before the procedure so that an allergic reaction will not take place. Was this done for your sister?

Post 1

My sister developed a severe reaction to her collagen lip injections. Her lips became swollen and red, and then lumpy and painful. Either she's allergic to the filler or the lip filler contained bacteria. We're not sure what the exact problem is yet but she's so regretful about getting this done.

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