What Are Common Results of Poor Time Management?

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Poor time management can lead to a variety of unfortunate consequences, such as missing deadlines, failing to finish projects, failing to keep to a schedule, and being less productive than one should be overall. Many further consequences, such as losing one's job or making less money, may result. Time management involves a person being conscious and aware of how he uses his time and of how he should spend his time. An individual who cannot manage his time effectively, who lacks a clear perception of available time, and who fails to monitor his own use of time will likely fail to accomplish tasks in a timely manner. Such failure generally leads to poor job performance and limited productivity.

One important aspect of time management is the ability to set priorities. Many people find that they do not have enough time to finish all possible tasks during a day, so they prioritize the most important. An individual with poor time management skills, however, may not consider the importance of prioritizing important tasks and, while he may still manage to get many tasks done, he may fail to do enough work on the tasks that matter the most.


Scheduling is another highly important aspect of time management and of life in general, in and out of the workplace. Schedules exist to remind people when they need to be at certain places working on certain tasks. Someone loses track of time may fail to adhere to a schedule, which could mean missing important business meetings or deadlines. Outside of work, failing to manage time effectively could mean missing or being late to important family engagements, appointments, or anything else that takes places according to a set schedule.

Overall, poor time management is a highly unprofessional trait that tends to reflect very poorly on an individual in his work and in his private life. In work, it tends to result in tardiness, missed deadlines, and overall poor productivity. As a result, it might be difficult for an individual to advance his career or even to remain employed. Time management is also important in personal life, as missing commitments with family and friends may strain relationships, and missing or showing up late to appointments may incur costly late fees.


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Post 4

@GreenWeaver - I hate that feeling. You almost feel like you have too much on your plate. I always tell my kids when they have projects for school to work on them on the first weekend that they are assigned because this way if we need to get extra supplies or we are missing something or they need to ask the teacher a question they will be able to.

If they wait until the last day, it will be too late and they might get a bad grade as a result. This is what I tell my kids all the time and so far they have listened. These are good time management techniques that even kids can learn.

Post 3

@BrickBack - I think that if you work at home you really need to have a structured schedule because often people forget that you are working when you are home.

I do the same thing that I would do if I were in an office. I turn off the television set and get to work. I think that if you set aside the same time everyday you will be able to tackle projects in a timely fashion. I think that some of the causes of poor time management involve procrastination.

When you put off things you really can’t relax because you have the deadline in the back of your mind and you are not going to relax until it

is done. This is why time management is important because people that don’t have consistent goals take too long to do things and usually wait until the end before they even begin the project and the quality of the work usually suffers.

I don’t like to work under pressure which is why I set aside a little extra time when I have to work so that I don’t get stressed.

Post 2

@Icecream17 - Wow that is early, but I have to agree that the most important things that you have to do should be done first. You really have to prioritize your day so that you don’t spend your whole day doing things that are not that important instead of working on critical projects.

I also think that if you set small attainable goals you will be able to meet your deadlines more effectively instead of expecting a complicated project be completed in one day.

I also think that if you take small steps you will be motivated to do more because you can see the progress that you‘ve made. I try to reward myself and say that if I

met my goal for the day, I will reward myself with some free reading or watching my favorite television show that I taped on my DVR. It does motivate me. These are the best time management tips that keep me on track.
Post 1

I think that poor planning is probably one of the biggest causes of poor time management. Sometimes people underestimate that amount of time that a task will take and then they procrastinate and when they actually get to do it, the task takes longer than they had expected and it really leads to stress and poor self esteem. You really start to doubt yourself when in reality you did not give yourself enough time to complete the project.

I think that best thing to do is to plan when the task is to take place and give yourself additional time because mishaps do happen and they tend to happen more often when you have no time to spare.

I always try to get up early. I sometimes get up at 4:00 AM or even 3:00 AM and I am incredibly productive during that time because my house is so quiet and I can concentrate which makes my time management more effective.

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