What are Common QTP Interview Questions?

Donn Saylor

Frequently-asked QuickTest Professional (QTP) interview questions seek to glean an applicant's knowledge of and comfort level with various functions of the software. QTP was developed by Hewlett-Packard and offers automatic software testing protocol for computers. Those working with QTP must possess an intimate familiarity with the finer points of the software, and applicants setting out on a QTP job interview will be faced with questions regarding the product's features and benefits, usage, and troubleshooting.

QTP interview questions usually pertain to software manuals that the candidate should be familiar with.
QTP interview questions usually pertain to software manuals that the candidate should be familiar with.

In preparing for a job interview in the field of QTP, applicants typically study all the manuals and materials that come with the software. Even if the material is second nature, a refresher course is always a good idea in preparing for a job interview. The applicant further studies materials gained from educational resources, such as training classes or college courses, both of which can offer more in-depth data on the workings of the program.

One of the most common QTP interview questions entails the applicant listing the features and benefits of the software. This line of questioning ensures the applicant knows the fundamentals of what QTP is, how it works, and what it offers consumers. An applicant's interview answers will give the recruiter a clear picture of just how much he or she knows about working with QTP and if he or she will be a good fit for the demands of company.

QTP interview questions frequently involve detailed inquiries into how the software is applied. Questions might include, "What is the use of text output value?", "What is a Test Fusion Report?", and "What systems are supported by QTP?". These questions allow the applicant to demonstrate his or her QTP training and knowledge, letting the recruiter know the extent of his or her skills with QTP protocol.

Troubleshooting concerns are also normally addressed as part of a typical round of QTP interview questions. The recruiter wants to guarantee that an applicant can handle any common problems that arise with QTP and can fix them in a timely, professional manner. This line of questions also lets an applicant show his or her ability to work coolly and calmly under pressure, utilizing a clear hand and an in-depth understanding to address problems, errors, and malfunctions quickly and efficiently.

Those interviewing for a position in the field of QTP typically have advanced training in the ins and outs of the software. They know how to handle both common, everyday tasks and unusual problems that could arise. An applicant has typically had specific schooling in Internet technology or a significant amount of work experience in the field.

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