What are Common Networking Interview Questions?

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Commonly asked networking interview questions aim to understand a job applicant's knowledge of fundamental technical terms and processes, troubleshooting, and network administration. These interview questions are posed to those seeking employment in various IT jobs, including network administrator, systems engineer, service technician, and network analyst positions. Jobs in this field require a high degree of technical know-how, which is reflected in the typical questions asked during a standard interview.

When preparing for a job interview, a candidate should consider all of his or her experience and not simply focus on the more technical questions that may arise. Many jobs in the networking field require customer service savvy, sensitivity and patience when dealing with colleagues, and the ability to think through a problem with logic and common sense. An IT job interview will no doubt include a barrage of questions regarding technical skill, but an interviewer will also be interested in other areas in which a candidate excels.

The more technical interview questions will first and foremost seek the applicant's level of technological understanding. Common queries in this line of questioning include the following: "What are the different classes of IP addresses?", "What is a Network Mask?", "What is a Firewall?", and "What is LAN?" These networking interview questions cover just a few of the basics of a career in the field, and candidates should be comfortable in not only knowing the answers but in being able to expound upon them if prompted by the interviewer.


Other networking interview questions will center on troubleshooting. "Clients and employees are complaining of delays on the network. How would you handle this?" and "A client or an employee can’t find the port number for the server. How would you help him/her locate it?" These questions target specific instances where the new recruit will be called upon to tackle an issue or problem. The interview answers given by the applicant will help the interviewer determine how well the candidate handles problems, operates under pressure, and utilizes the resources at his or her disposal.

Basic network administrator interview questions will help an interviewer gather the necessary information regarding a candidate's suitability for the demands of the job. These questions may include "How would you maintain network security?" or "How would you uphold the smooth operation of the IT department?" These networking interview questions may seem vague, but a potential employer is opening the door for a candidate to express concrete answers and ideas, thereby selling his or her expert knowledge of the field.


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