What are Common Med School Interview Questions?

T. Alaine

Interviewing for medical school is, in many ways, similar to interviewing for a job. The interviewer will generally ask questions pertaining to an applicant’s personal characteristics, reasons for choosing a specific institution, educational background, and career goals. The most common med school interview questions are designed to get an accurate look into the personality and qualifications of each applicant.

Interviewers attempt to determine the type of personalities medical school applicants have.
Interviewers attempt to determine the type of personalities medical school applicants have.

Similar to a job interview, a line of med school interview questions is likely to start by probing into an applicant’s personality. An interviewer will probably ask why the applicant is interested in pursuing medical school and why he or she wants to begin a career as a medical professional. The applicant might also be asked to describe the characteristics he or she believes a good doctor should have, and furthermore, to explain how he or she embodies these characteristics both personally and professionally.

Med school interview questions may address an applicant's problem solving skills.
Med school interview questions may address an applicant's problem solving skills.

Another common subject in med school interview questions encourages applicants to describe scenarios where they had demonstrated problem-solving skills, professional expertise, or leadership qualities. Interviewees should be able to draw on instances from previous jobs, education, or general life experiences that showcase their abilities to succeed in trying situations. An interviewer for a medical school needs to be convinced that an applicant has the intelligence and personal fortitude to handle the many challenges that he or she is likely to face throughout the course of a medical education and career.

Med school interview questions will probably inquire about the applicant’s interest in particular institutions. Most applicants who have made it to the interview phase usually know a fair amount about the school they are applying to, but everyone should be prepared to answer questions such as “Why are you interested in this school?”, “What qualities of this school do you think will help you most in your career?”, or “Why do you think this school will be a good fit for you?” Medical schools want to know that their applicants are committed to attending a certain institution, and furthermore, that they are committed to completing their education there and beginning a career that reflects positively on the school.

Ethics and morality inquiries might also appear during med school interview questions. Doctors’ actions are strictly regulated both by legal and ethical guidelines, and medical school interviewers need to know that accepted students will uphold those standards. Applicants might be asked their opinion on a controversial medical issue, and to express how that opinion might affect the decisions they make as doctors. Interviewers might also describe a scenario that hypothetically tests a doctor’s ethics, and ask the applicant to explain how he or she would resolve the situation.

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In preparing for a medical school interview, a study should be prepared to answer questions about future goals and plans when practicing medicine. Many interviewers like to ask questions about where potential students see themselves in several years, and what good they plan to do once they are in the medical field. The answers to this type of questions will give the interviewer insight about the interviewees thoughtfulness and passion.


@ocelot60- No matter how much a student prepares for a medical school interview, there is not way to be 100 percent ready for all of the questions that will be asked. In my opinion, instead of spending too much time practicing, it is a good idea to focus on stress control.

If a student learns how to calm his or her nerves and relax in the face of an intimidating situation, he or she will be ready for the med school interview questions. Deep breathing, positive thoughts, and visualizing a positive interview outcome are all great ways to get prepared for the med school interview process.


One good way to prepare for a med school interview is to role play ahead of time and practice some potential questions with a friend. This will help to calm your nerves and give you a feel for the interview process. It will also give you some much needed practice answering questions that you may or may not be prepared to answer.

When you do your practice interview session, it is also a good idea to have your friend ask some surprise interview questions. This will help prepare you for questions when the time comes for your actual med school interview.

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