What are Common Html Interview Questions?

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If someone wishes to work professionally with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), then he or she should expect some specific HTML interview questions during a job interview. These questions can likely range from simple explanations of different aspects of HTML coding to more specific ways in which the person might use HTML to achieve certain goals while designing a webpage or other application. It is also possible that someone may ask an interviewee to demonstrate practical usage of HTML, rather than simply answer questions during the hiring process.

HTML interview questions are typically those questions that someone should expect to be asked regarding the use of HTML during a job interview. These are questions that should typically be expected for someone looking for work as a website designer or webpage administrator, in order to evaluate the degree of experience and knowledge the person may have with using HTML. HTML is a computer language that is typically used in designing and creating websites on the Internet, though other software is also often used to make websites. Even with experience with other programs used in website creation, an interviewee should still expect some HTML interview questions during the hiring process.


Some of the most common types of HTML interview questions will include questions pertaining to how specific things are done using HTML. These types of questions can often quickly eliminate candidates who lack the experience necessary for a certain position or who may have been untruthful about their knowledge of HTML. An interviewee should expect to be asked about specific functions and should be ready to give answers that clearly indicate the syntax and language that would be necessary to achieve various tasks in HTML. There may also be HTML interview questions that seek a solution to a hypothetical problem with several possible correct answers, which can determine if the interviewee can think quickly and adapt.

An interviewee should also expect some HTML interview questions that may not directly concern the use of HTML but are related in a more peripheral way. For example, someone might be asked questions about other types of software often used with website design and administration. On the other hand, these types of questions could involve HTML if the interviewer asks how the applicant would create a certain result using a program, then asks how he or she might achieve a similar result using HTML, and then asks which would be more effective.


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